Graduate School of Business Administration,Department of Business Administration
LI Ran


1. Does employee humility foster performance and promotability? Exploring the mechanisms of LMX and peer network centrality in China (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Ran Li, Hongyu Zhang, Xiji Zhu, Ning Li
Human Resource Management 2020.7
2. Boundary Objects as a Learning Mechanism for Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of a Japanese Company in the Chemical Industry (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Ran Li
Sustainability Vol.11,No.23 2019.11
3. From Empowerment to Multilevel Creativity: The Role of Employee Self-Perceived Status and Feedback-Seeking Climate
李燃 (Ran Li
Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies 2018.8
4. Impact of Authentic Leadership Behaviors over Team Creativity (Peer-reviewed)
Ran Li
Journal of Management Science Vol.29,No.5,pp.71-82 2016.9
5. Passing Creativity from Leaders to Followers: The Cascading Effect of Creative Self-Efficacy
李 燃
Academy of Management Conference Proceeding 2015.8


No. Name of subject/Conference Name Year Site
1. Employee Expressed Humility and Work Performance: The Role of Leader Member Exchange (LMX) and Guanxi with Coworkers(Annual Meeting of Academy of Management)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2018.8.9
Chicago, US
2. Empowerment(2016 Academy of Management Annual Meeting)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2016.8.7
Anaheim, US
3. Enterprise Innovation Performance and Employee Creativity(2016 International Association for Chinese Management Research Meeting)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2016.6.16
Hangzhou, China
4. Self-Efficacy and Self-Concept(2015 Academy of Management Annual Meeting)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2015.8.7
Vancouver, Canada


No. Award name Year
1. 2016 Best Paper of Journal of Management Science 2017.3