Graduate School of Social Sciences
/ Position
Graduate School of Social Sciences / Associate Professor
Faculty of Social Sciences / Associate Professor


Degree : 国際人権法修士号(LLM in International Human Rights Law) (ロンドン大学国際プログラム)
Degree : Master of Studies in Forced Migration (University of Oxford)
Degree : PhD (in Politics) (University of Sussex)
Degree : LLM in International Human Rights Law (University of London, International Programme)
Degree : 博士(政治学) (サセックス大学(University of Sussex))
University of Sussex
Graduate School, Division of Politics
Year : 2019.6
International Programme, University of London
Graduate School, Division of Law
International Human Rights Law
Year : 2017.5
University of Oxford
Graduate School, Division of International Development
Forced Migration Studies
Year : 2000.8
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Foundation Diploma for Postgraduate Studies
International Relations and International Development
Year : 1999.7

Research Areas

Research Areas
Keywords : Politics, Law, Refugees, Asylum, Asia, Migration, Japan
Research Areas : Humanities & Social Sciences / Politics, Humanities & Social Sciences / International relations, Humanities & Social Sciences / International law

Research History

2000.10 - 2001.3 Part-time researcher for university or other academic organization, アジア太平洋研究センター, 日本国際問題研究所
2001.5 - 2003.7 Researcher, 専門調査員(人権人道問題担当), 日本政府外務省ニューヨーク国連代表部
2004.1 - 2005.7 国連職員(プログラム・オフィサー), 人身取引対策課, Counter-Trafficking Unit, Migration Management Department, IOM
2005.8 - 2006.12 国連職員(准法務官), 北部スリランカ・ワウニヤ事務所, 国連難民高等弁務官事務所
2007.3 - 2007.11 Researcher, 人権人道課, 外務省総合外交政策局
2007.8 - 2015.9 国連職員(プログラム・マネージャー), 駐日事務所, 国際移住機関(IOM)
2010.7 - 2013.6 視察委員, 入国者収容所等視察委員会, Ministry of Justice
2017.7 - Dissertation Supervisor / Examiner, Refugee Law Initiative, Institute of Advanced Study, University of London
2019.2 - 2019.5 Part-time Lecturer, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex
2019.6 - Associate Professor, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University
2019.6 - Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University
2020.4 - Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School, International Christian University
2020.9 - Part-time Assistant Professor, 国際交流プログラムESOP, Hosei University
2021.3 - 難民審査参与員, 出入国在留管理庁, 法務省
2022.9 - Parr-time lecturer, College of Arts and Science, the University of Tokyo

Academic Society Affiliations

No. Institute Name
1. British International Studies Association
2. Japan Association for Migration Policy Studies
3. The Japan Association of International Relations
4. The International Human Rights Law Association
5. International Association for the Study of Forced Migration