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1.Cambridge Economic History of China in two volumes (forthcoming)(co-authored and co-edited)
Cambridge University Press 2021
2.Great Divergence and Modernization: an International and Comparative Perspective
ISBN 978-7308200448
3.Special Issue: a New Economic History of China [Journal Special Issues](co-authored and co-edited)
Explorations in Economic History, Vol. 63 2017
ISSN 0014-4983Link
4.Law and Long-Term Economic Change: A Eurasian Perspective(jointly worked)
Stanford University Press 2011
ISBN 978-0804772730
5.Textiles in the Pacific, 1500-1900(Editing and Writing)
Oxon, UK: Ashgate Press 2005
ISBN 9780754640752


1.Structure and Phases of Economic Changes in Modern China: The Role of Ideology and Institutions (forthcoming)
Cambridge Economic History of China, vol. 2., Cambridge University Press 2021 Book
2.Economic Changes in China: the Role of Institutions and Ideology
Stephen Broadberry and Kyoji Fukao (eds.) Cambridge Economic History of the Modern World 2021 Book
ISBN 9781316671603doi
3.Agriculture (forthcoming)(jointly worked)
Cambridge Economic History of China, vol. 2., Cambridge University Press 2021 Book
4.A Silver Transformation, Chinese Monetary Integration in Times of Political Disintegration during 1898-1933(jointly worked)
Economic History Review Vol.73,No.2,pp.513-539 2020 Academic journal
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5.Financial Revolution in Republican China During 1900–37: A Survey and a New Interpretation
Australian Economic History Review Vol.59,No.3,pp.242-262 2019 Academic journal
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6.The Paradox of Power: Principle-agent Problems and Administrative Capacity in Imperial China (and other Absolutist Regimes)(jointly worked)
Journal of Comparative Economics Vol.47,No.2,pp.277-294 2019 Academic journal
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7.Economic Change in East Asia from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century
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8.Money, Finance and Commerce in Chinese History: An Introduction with Reference to the Special Issue(jointly worked)
Frontier of Economics in China Vol.13,No.3,pp.313-321 2018 Academic journal
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9.What Makes Maddison Right, Chinese Historical Economic Data(jointly worked)
World Economics Vol.18,No.3,pp.203-213 2017 Academic journal
10.Industrialization in China(jointly worked)
Kevin O’Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson (eds.) The Spread of Modern Industry to the Periphery since 1871, Oxford University Press pp.197-228 2017 Book
ISBN 9780198753643Link
11.Special Issue: a New Economic History of China(jointly worked)
Explorations in Economic History Vol.63,pp.1-106 2017 Academic journal
ISSN 0014-4983Link
12.Introduction to the Special Issue: A New Economic History of China(jointly worked)
Explorations in Economic History Vol.63,pp.1-7 2017 Academic journal
ISSN 0014-4983doi
13.The Development of Chinese Accounting and Bookkeeping before 1850: Insights from the Tong Tai Sheng Business Account Books (1798-1850)(jointly worked)
Accounting and Business Research Vol.47,No.4,pp.401-430 2016 Academic journal
14.Discovering Economic History in Footnotes: the Story of Tŏng Tàishēng Merchant Archive (1790-1850)(jointly worked)
Modern China Vol.42,No.5,pp.483-504 2016 Academic journal
ISSN 1552-6836doi
15.China: 1500-2000
Joerg Baten (ed.) A History of the Global Economy, Cambridge University Press pp.188-199 2016 Book
ISBN 978-1107507180
16.States and Development: Early Modern India, China and Great Divergence(jointly worked)
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ISBN 978-981-10-1605-9doi
17.State Capacity and Great Divergence, the Case of Qing China (1644-1911)
Eurasian Geography and Economics Vol.54,No.5-6,pp.484-499 2014 Academic journal
18.From Divergence to Convergence: Reevaluating the History behind China's Economic Boom(jointly worked)
Journal of Economic Literature Vol.52,No.1,pp.45-123 2014 Academic journal
ISSN 2328-8175doi
19.City, State and Entrepreneurship: the Case of Shanghai Around the Turn of the Last Century
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ISBN 978-7305096488
20.Chinese Money and Monetary System, 1800-2000, Overview
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21.Political Institution and Long-run Economic Trajectory: Some Lessons from Two Millennia of Chinese Civilization
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22.Wages, Prices, and Living Standards in China, 1738-1925: in comparison with Europe, Japan, and India(jointly worked)
Economic History Review Vol.64,No.S1,pp.8-38 2011 Academic journal
ISSN 1468-0289doi
23.The Rise of Modern Shanghai in Early 20th Century, an Institutional Narrative
Billy So and Ramon Myers (eds.) The Treaty Port Economy in Modern China: Empirical Studies of Institutional Change and Economic Performance, Berkeley: University of California Press pp.33-46 2011 Book
ISBN 9781557290991
24.Law and Economy in Traditional China: a ‘Legal Origin’ Perspective on the Great Divergence
Debin Ma and Jan Luiten van Zanden (eds.) Law and Long-Term Economic Change: A Eurasian Perspective, Stanford University Press pp.46-67 2011 Book
ISBN 9780804777612Link
25.Law and Economic Change: an Editorial Introduction(jointly worked)
Law and Long-Term Economic Change: A Eurasian Perspective, Stanford University Press pp.1-18 2011 Book
ISBN 9780804777612Link
26.Evolution of Living Standards and Human Capital in China in 18-20th Centuries: Evidences from Real Wages, Age-heaping, and Anthropometrics(jointly worked)
Explorations in Economic History Vol.47,No.3,pp.347-359 2010 Academic journal
ISSN 0014-4983doi
27.The Role of Traditional Chinese State and the Origin of Modern East Asia
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28.Europe in an Asian Mirror(jointly worked)
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ISBN 9780511794834doi
29.Between Cottage and Factory: the Evolution of Chinese and Japanese Silk-Reeling Industries in the Latter Half of 19th Century
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ISBN 9780754658801
30.Economic Growth in the Lower Yangzi Region of China in 1911-1937: A Quantitative and Historical Analysis
The Journal of Economic History Vol.68,No.2,pp.355-392 2008 Academic journal
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31.Real GDP in Pre-War East Asia: a 1934-36 Benchmark Purchasing Power Parity Comparison with the U.S.(jointly worked)
Review of Income and Wealth Vol.53,No.3,pp.503-537 2007 Academic journal
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32.International Comparison in Historical Perspective: Reconstructing the 1934-1936 Benchmark Purchasing Power Parity for Japan, Korea, and Taiwan(jointly worked)
Explorations in Economic History Vol.43,No.2,pp.280-308 2006 Academic journal
ISSN 0014-4983doi
33.Law and Commerce in Traditional China, an Institutional Perspective on the ‘Great Divergence’
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34.Japanese Unskilled Wages in International Perspective, 1741-1913(jointly worked)
Research in Economic History Vol.23,pp.229-248 2006 Academic journal
35.Level of Real Wages in Historic China, Japan and Southern Europe, 1700-1920: a Review of Evidence(jointly worked)
Vol.56,No.4,pp.348-369 2005 Academic journal
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ISBN 9780754640752
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40.Why Japan, not China, Was the First to Develop in East Asia, Lessons from Sericulture, 1850-1937
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41.Patterns of Silk Reeling Technology Transfer in China and Japan: 1860-1895
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ISBN 0-203-46580-6
42.The Great Silk Exchange: How the World was Connected and Developed
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ISBN 978-0415184311
43.The Modern Silk Road: The Global Raw-Silk Market, 1850-1930
The Journal of Economic History Vol.56,No.2,pp.330-355 1996 Academic journal
ISSN 0022-0507doi


1.Ideology and the Contours of Economic Changes in Modern China during 1850-1950
CEPR Discussion Paper DP15835 2021 Other
ISSN 0265-8003Link
2.States and Wars: China’s Long March towards Unity and its Long-Term Consequences, 750 BC–1911 AD(jointly worked)
CEPR DP15187 2020 Other

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Divergence and Modernization in Chinese Economic History(School of Social Science, Qinghua University Seminar)
2021.01Online (School of Social Science, Qinghua University)
2.States and Wars, China’s Long March Towards Unity 221 BC -1911(Economic and Social History Seminar)
2021.01Online (Oxford University)
3.The Rise and Fall of Imperial China (and Beyond)(ASSA 2021 Conference)
2021.01Virtual (America Economic Association, USA)
4.States and Wars, China’s Long March Towards Unity 221 BC -1911(Quantitative History Webinar Series)
2020.12Online (Asia Global Institute, Hong Kong University)
5.Chinese Economic History: Three Lectures(Chinese Economic History: Three Lectures)
2020.11Online (Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay)
6.Paradox of Power, State Capacity in Absolutist Imperial China(High-level Cloud Public Lecture on Public Finance and National Governance)
2020.10Online (Institute of Public Finance, China Financial Policy Research Centre, Renmin University)
7.Ideology and Institutes Modern Chinese Economy(Research Center for Modern and Contemporary China)
2020.05Kyoto University, Japan
8.The Rise of a Financial Revolution(EurasiaTrajeco Conference “Empires and Intermediaries across Eurasia, 10th – 19th Century”)
2019.12The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
9.Chinese Economy in the Long-run(Research Group of Chinese Economic History (中国経済史研究会))
2019.12Toyo Bunko, Tokyo, Japan
10.The Rise of Financial Revolution in Republican China(GEM Seminar, Department of Economics, Gakushuin University)
2019.12Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan
11.Chinese State-Capacity in the Long Run(“Understanding State Capacity” Conference)
2019.11University of Manchester, UK
12.Shanghai’s history as the Financial Center(Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS))
2019.11Shanghai, China
13.Ideology and Institutions: Economic Changes in China during 19th-20th Century(The Nineteenth Figuerola Lecture)
2019.11Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
14.States and Wars: China’s Long March Towards Unification(Department of Social Science, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
2019.11Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
15.Discussing papers on the impact of AI on Asian Developing economies(Asian Economic Panel (AEP))
2019.09Keio University, Japan
16.Dissertation Summary of the Short-listed dissertations(Annual Economic History Association Conference)
2019.09Atlanta, USA
17.Chinese Economy in Historical Perspective(LSE China Forum)
2019.08Shanghai, China
18.Quantitative Economic History Topics(Seventh Summer Workshop on Quantitative History and International Symposium)
2019.06Longfor Learing Center in Yantai, Shandong Province, China
19.States and Wars: China’s long march towards unification(3rd LSE-Stanford-Universidad de Los Andes Conference on Long-Run Development in Latin America and Beyond)
2019.05Bogota, Colombia

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
1.Environment, Geography, Institutions and Long-term development of China in Comparison with Japan
Scientific Research (C)2020-2022
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