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1.An Equilibrium Model of Term Structures of Bonds and Equities
Hitotsubashi University Center for Financial Research Working Paper Series No. G-1-19 pp.1-78 2018 Other
2.A Term Structure Model of Interest Rates with Quadratic Volatility
Quantitative Finance Vol.18,pp.1-26 2018 Academic journal
ISSN 1469-7696doiHERMES-IR
3.Predicting Interest Rate Volatility Using Information on the Yield Curve
International Review of Finance Vol.15,No.3,pp.347-386 2015 Academic journal
ISSN 1468-2443doiHERMES-IR
4.Impact of No-Arbitrage on Interest Rate Dynamics
HCFR Working Paper Series Vol.G-1-5,pp.1-53 2015 Other
5.Term Structure Models Can Predict Interest Rate Volatility. But How?
Tsukuba Economics Working Papers No. 2010-008 pp.1-80 2011 Other
6.An Approximation of European Option Prices under General Diffusion Processes
Tsukuba Economics Working Papers No. 2009-008 pp.1-25 2011 Other
7.Modeling the Term Structure of Interest Rates with General Diffusion Processes(jointly worked)
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Vol.33,No.1,pp.65-77 2009 Academic journal
ISSN 0165-1889doiCiNiiLink
8.Is Nonlinear Drift Implied by the Short-End of the Term Structure?
Review of Financial Studies Vol.21,No.1,pp.311-346 2008 Academic journal
ISSN 1465-7368doi
9.A Simple Measure for Examining the Proxy Problem of the Short-Rate
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Vol.14,No.4,pp.341-361 2007 Academic journal
ISSN 1387-2834doi
10.On the Accuracy of Local Linear Approximation for the Term Structure of Interest Rates(jointly worked)
Quantitative Finance Vol.4,No.2,pp.151-157 2004 Academic journal
ISSN 1469-7688doi
11.Modeling the Term Structure of Interest Rates with General Short-Rate Models(jointly worked)
Finance and Stochastics Vol.7,No.3,pp.323-335 2003 Academic journal
ISSN 1432-1122doi
12.Approximation of Nonlinear Term Structure Models(jointly worked)
Journal of Derivatives Vol.8,No.3,pp.44-51 2001 Academic journal
ISSN 2168-8524

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.An Equilibrium Model of Term Structures of Bonds and Equities(The 30th Asian Finance Association Annual Meeting)
2018.06Hitotsubashi Hall, Tokyo
2.An Equilibrium model of Term Structures of Bonds and Equities(Kellogg Quantitative Finance Seminar)
2016.05Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
3.An Alternative Chanel of Long-Run Risks and Time-Varying Risk Premiums(Kellogg Quantitative Finance Seminar)
2015.12Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
4.Impact of No-arbitrage on Interest Rate Dynamics(Kellogg Quantitative Finance Seminar)
2014.12Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
5.Interest Rate Volatility Implicit in Term Structure Data(Fourth World Congress of the Bachelier Finance Society)
6.A Simple Measure for the Proxy Problem of the Short-Rate(International Symposium on Financial Time Series)
2004.02Tokyo Metropolitan Univ

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
1.Estimation of interest rate processes
Young Scientists (B)2006-2008
2.Predictability of interest rates: An examination using dynamic term structure models
Young Scientists (B)2009-2010
3.Incorporating stochastic volatility into term structure models of interest rates and its economic evaluation
Young Scientists (B)2011-2012
Scientific Research (C)2015-
Scientific Research (C)2018-2021
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