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1.Sociology, New Edition(jointly worked)
2.Constructing Postwar Development at Multiple Levels: The Sakuma Dam Project and Its Regional Cosequences(Editing and Writing)
pp.1-417 2006
3.Sociology of Cities(jointly worked)
4.Strangers in Los Angeles
5.The Structural Change of a Global City: Urban Restructuring in Tokyo
pp.1-317 1994
6.Frontier of Urban Sociology, 1 Structure,Space and Methoddogy(co-authored and co-edited)
Making Tokyo a World City : Mechanism of Urban Restructuring 1992


1.World City
The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies (Orum, Anthony ed.) pp.1-8 2019 Book
2.Why Half the Municipal Governments Disappear Under a National Mergers Policy? Changing Local Bases in "Globalizing" Japan
Healy, Ernest, Dharma Arunachalam, and Tetsuo, Mizukami (ed.) Creating Social Cohesion in an Interdependent World: Experiences of Australia and Japan, Palgrave Macmillan pp.115-126 2016 Book
3.Tokyo’s "Living" Shopping Streets: The Paradox of Globalized Authenticity(jointly worked)
Sharon Zukin, Philip Kasinitz, Xiangming Chen, eds., Global Cities, Local Streets Everyday Diversity from New York to Shanghai, Routledge pp.170-194 2015 Book
4.Diversified Background of the "Anti-nuclear Movement" After the Fukushima Accident: Results of a Nation-wide Survey of Civic Groups in Japan(jointly worked)
Vol.7,pp.1-32 2015 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
5.Tokyo, foreigners in
Immanuel Ness, ed., The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration 2013 Book
6.“Normal” Disaster in the 21th Century?: Understanding Cascading Effects of the East Japan Great Earthquake
DISASTER, INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOCIETY: Learning from the 2011 Earthquake in Japan = 災害・基盤・社会――東日本大震災から考える No.3,pp.7-11 2012 Academic journal
7.The Great East Japan Earthquake Chronicle 2011.3.11-2011.5.11(jointly worked)
No.1,pp.13-269 2011 Academic journal
8.Mission of the Bulletin
DISASTER, INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOCIETY: Learning from the 2011 Earthquake in Japan = 災害・基盤・社会――東日本大震災から考える No.1,pp.4 2011 Academic journal
9.Chronicle of a Disaster: Understanding How Multiple Disasters are Constructed in the Time and Space of Events
DISASTER, INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOCIETY: Learning from the 2011 Earthquake in Japan = 災害・基盤・社会――東日本大震災から考える No.1,pp.6-10 2011 Academic journal
10.Doing Sociology in Native Languages in a Globalizing World: Thinking about its Significance and Difficulty in Japan
Michael Burawoy, Mau-kuei Chang, and Michelle Fei-yu Hsieh eds., Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for a Global Sociology Volume 2, Asia, Taipei: the Institute of Sociology at Academia Sinica, International Sociological Association, and Academia Sinica pp.201-210 2010 Book
11.Multiscalar Structure of Inequality in Contemporary Japan
Vol.6,pp.103-123 2009 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
ISSN 1881-4956HERMES-IRCiNii
12.Mega-events and urban space: rethinking the historical meaning of the "Tokyo Olympic Games" in the second round
Vol.15,pp.3-16 2007 Academic journal
13.Constructing Developmentalism through Visual Experiences in the Postwar Japan; Documentary movie "Sauma Dam Project" and its Audience Structure
Vol.1,pp.222-279 2007 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
ISSN 1881-4956HERMES-IRCiNii
14.On the Corner of Diverse/Reverse Globalization: The Third Stage of Global 'Urban Studies'
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Vol.27,No.4,pp.957-959 2003 Academic journal
15.“Narrating a 'Global City' for 'New Tokyoites': Economic Crisis and Urban Boosterism in Tokyo"
Hugo Dobson and Glenn D. Hook (ed.) Japan and Britain in the Contemporary World: Responses to Common Issues, RoutledgeCurzon 2003 Academic journal
16.Living in a Transnational Community within a Multi-Ethnic City: Making of Localized 'Japan' in Los Angeles
Roger Goodman, Ceri Peach, Ayumi Takenaka, and Paul White (ed.) Global Japan: The Experience of Japan's New Immigrants and Overseas Communities, RoutledgeCurzon 2003 Book
17.The Historical Development of Korean Immigrant Press Media in Prewar Japan : An Overview Based on Home Ministry Documents
Vol.40,pp.181-234 2002 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
18.For Transient Fieldworkers : Seeing Sociologically
Vol.125,No.4,pp.402-416 2001 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
ISSN 0018-2818HERMES-IRCiNii
19.Local Basis of Globalization: Politics of "Single Imaginary Space" Production
Japanese Sociological Review Vol.50,No.4,pp.124-129 2000 Academic journal
20.Local Settlement Patterns of Foreign Workers in Greater Tokyo: Growing Diversity and its Consequences
M.Douglass and G.Roberts,eds., Japan and Global Migration pp.176-195 2000 Book
21.Symbolic Use of Globalization in Urban Politics in Tokyo
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Vol.22,No.2,pp.183-194 1998 Academic journal
22.Building a Capital for Emperor and Enterprise: The Changing Urban Meaning of Central Tokyo.
Culture and the City in East Asia. 1997 Other
23.Between State and Capital: Third Sector Organizational Development in Tokyo.(jointly worked)
Comparative Politics Vol.27,No.3 1995 Academic journal
24.Historical Trends of Ethnic Media
Japanese Sociological Review Vol.44,No.4,pp.52-66 1994 Academic journal
25.Borderless Media and Japanese Society
Vol.110,No.2,pp.255-273 1993 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
ISSN 0018-2818HERMES-IRCiNii
26.An Introduction to the Study on the Ethnic Media
Vol.109,No.2,pp.191-209 1993 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
ISSN 0018-2818HERMES-IRCiNii
27.The Urban Restructuring Process in Tokyo in the 1980s : Transforming Tokyo into a World City
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Vol.16,No.1 1992 Academic journal


1.Characteristics Seen in the Parts of Natural Environments and Primitive, Ancient and the Medieval Ages of the New Edition of the General History of Chiyoda-ward Tokyo
1998 Other

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.How to cope with traveling ideas in global sociology: Can we speak "gentrification" in cities without "gentry"(The 14th East Asian Sociologists Network Conference)
2016.11Chung-Ang University, Seoul
2.From Global City to 'Risk and Mega-event': Changing 'Integration' Narratives in Tokyo(Innovation and the Making of Metropolitan Identity: International Symposium)
2013.11Hotel de Paris, France
3.When switching off the city: disaster, stress, and everyday resilience in Japan(American Sociological Association Annual Meeting)
2012.08Denver: Colorado Convention Center
4.Examining 'attempted' state rescaling as a political strategy in Japan: From global city formation to 'Heisei municipal mergers(地域社会学会第37回大会)
5.Power and Openness: Appropriating City Space for Re-creating "the Urban"(Osaka City University International Symposium "Urban Regeneration through Cultural Creativity and Social Inclusion")
2010.12Osaka City University, Urban Research Plaza
6.Neoliberal Developmentalism and/or its Beyond: Political Regime Shift and its Urban Meaning in Post-growth Japan(World Congress of Sociology)
2010.07Goteborg, Sweden
7."Global City" History of Tokyo since 1980s: Dream, Crisis and Change(韓国・地域社会学会大会秋期定期学術大会)
2009.11Ajou University, Suwon
8.Financial Crisis and a Sense of "deja vu": Tokyo's Experiences since 1980s(Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), Economic Regulation and Social Solidarity: After the Fall of Finance Capitalism)
2009.07Sciences Po, Paris
9.Doing Sociology in Native Language in a Globalizing World: Thinking about Its Significance and Difficulty in Japan(International Sociological Association, Conference of the Council of National Associations, Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for Sociology)
2009.03Academia Sinica, Taipei
10.Global City Hypothesis Reconsidered: Reconstructing Muli-Layered Intersection between the Global and the City within Diverse/Reverse Globalization(International Sociological Association, Research Committee 21, International Conference on Landscapes of Global Urbanism: Power, Marginality, and Creativity)
2008.12International House of Japan, Tokyo
11.Migrants' Los Angeles Revisited: Studying Ethnic LA through its Immigrant Media(J-Wave USA: Southern California as the Gateway to Japanese Contemporary Creative Industries in the West, Conference, Exhibition and Reception)
12."Evaluation and Certification as an Institutional Basis of Civic Mobilization:Urban Governance and Power Structure in Neo-liberal Tokyo"(International Sociological Association, Research Committee 21, International Conference)
2007.08University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
13."From a declining global city to a competitive mega-cuty?: Tokyo in the "lost Decade" and its aftermath"(International Conference“Restructuring and Competitiveness of Major City-Regions in Northeast Asia")
2006.08Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
14."Hidden Politics of Cultural and Political Representation in a Public Park"(Dialogic Conference, Globalization and Civic Space: Cities, Community Life and the Public Sphere)
2005.08East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
15."Living in a Multi-racial city: Historical Experiences of Japanese in Los Angeles"(Oxford Kobe Seminars, The International Symposium on Immigration Policy in Japan, EU and North America)
2001.04St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford, Kobe Institute
16.Narrating a 'Development' Story: Power and Discourse in the Politics of the Spectacular Event.(World Congress of Sociology)

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Scientific Research (A)2014-2018
Scientific Research (B)2011-2014
4.Civic Activism and Its Agency : A Quest for an Emerging Form of City beyond Globalization and Neo-liberalism
Scientific Research (B)2005-2008
5.Ideals and Realities of Sustainable Regional Development in the Post-development era : Beyond a Story of Developmentalism
Scientific Research (B)2002-2004
6.Regional development in post-growth era and its reality : Narrating the "local" basis of development
Scientific Research (B)1999-2001
7.A Study on Social Polarization of Metropolis in the Post-Bubble Economy Era
Scientific Research (C)1995-1996
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