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1.STATISTICS AND JAPANESE SOCIETY: Recent Developments in the Era of Date Science(Allotment Writing)
Big-Data and Economic Analysis pp.273-281 2019
ISBN 9784130434010
2.Ageing in Southeast and East Asia(Allotment Writing)
"1. The Pension System in Japan and Retirement Needs of the Japanese Elderly" ISEAS Publishing pp.1-21 2008
ISBN 978981230766
3.Panel Data Analysis
ISBN 978-4000099110
4.Life-Cycle Savings and Public Policy: A Cross-National Study of Six Countries(Allotment Writing)
"5. Household Saving and Wealth Distribution in Japan" Academic Press pp.149-203 2003
ISBN 9780121098919
5.Designing Financial Systems in East Asia and Japan(Allotment Writing)
"Chapter 14: Reflections on the New Financial System in Japan" Routledge Curzon pp.334-384 2003
ISBN 9780415322546
6.Generational Accounting Around the World (National Bureau of Economic Research Project Report)(Allotment Writing)
"19. Generational Accounting in Japan" The University of Chicago Press pp.447-470 1999
ISBN 9780226032139
7.International Comparisons of Household Saving (National Bureau of Economic Research Project Report)(Allotment Writing)
"3. Household Saving Behavior in Japan" The University of Chicago Press pp.125-167 1994
ISBN 9780226676210
8.The Structure of the Japanese Economy: Changes on the Domestic and International Fronts(Allotment Writing)
"6. Consumer Behaviour in Japan under Financial Liberalization and Demographic Change" Palgrave Macmillan pp.135-167 1994
ISBN 9780312122195
9.Public Policies and Household Saving (National Bureau of Economic Research Project Report)(Allotment Writing)
"6. Public Policies and Household Saving in Japan" The University of Chicago Press pp.133-160 1994
ISBN 9780226676180


1.Can We Stabilize the Price of a Cryptocurrency?: Understanding the Design of Bitcoin and Its Potential to Compete with Central Bank Money(jointly worked)
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics Vol.60,No.1,pp.41-60 2019 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
2.Income Tax Reforms and Redistribution by Age Group: Evidence From Japan(jointly worked)
The Japanese Economic Review Vol.70,No.1,pp.105-122 2019 Academic journal
3.Decomposition of Redistributive Effects of Japanese Personal Income Tax, 1984-2009(jointly worked)
FinanzArchiv / Public Finance Analysis Vol.72,pp.334-368 2016 Academic journal
ISSN 0015-2218doi
4.Comment on “Asian Participation and Performance at the Olympic Games”
Asian Economic Policy Review Vol.11,No.1,pp.91-92 2016 Academic journal
5.Comment on "Who Faces Higher Prices? An Empirical Analysis Based on Japanese Homescan Data"
Asian Economic Policy Revew Vol.19,No.1,pp.118-119 2014 Academic journal
6.Income Inequality and Evaluation of Tax Effect on Redistribution of lncome in Japan 1984-2004(jointly worked)
The Economic Review Vol.63,No.1,pp.56-69 2012 Academic journal
7.Marriage Promotion Policies and Regional Differences in Marriage(jointly worked)
The Japanese Economy Vol.38,No.1,pp.3-39 2011 Academic journal
1097203X doiLink
8.On Empirical Estimation of the Production Function under Imperfect Capital Markets(jointly worked)
The Economic Review Vol.60,No.3,pp.193-204 2009 Academic journal
9.How to Make Japanese Public Pension System Reliable and Workable(jointly worked)
Asian Economic Policy Review Vol.4,No.1,pp.97-116 2009 Academic journal
ISSN 1832-8105doi
10.Regional difference in marriage rates and its promotion policies(jointly worked)
No.60,pp.79-102 2009 Academic journal
ISSN 02855925CiNii
11.Marriage Behavior from the Perspective of Intergenerational Relationships(Translation)
The Japanese Economy Vol.34,No.4,pp.76-122 2007 Academic journal
12.Comment on "Aging, Savings, and Public Pensions in Japan"
Asian Economic Policy Review Vol.2,No.2,pp.322-323 2007 Academic journal
13.Marriage Behavior from the View point of Intergenerational Relationships(jointly worked)
Vol.58,No.1,pp.31-46 2007 Academic journal
14.Information Contents of Inflation Indexed Bond Pices: Evaluation of U.S. Treasury Inflation Protection Securities
Monetary and Economic Studies Vol.22,No.3,pp.115-144 2004 Academic journal
15.The Big Mac Standard: A Statistical Illustration(jointly worked)
Economics Bulletin Vol.6,No.13,pp.1-18 2004 Academic journal
ISSN 1545-2921
16.The Egyptian Tax System and Investment Tax Incentives(jointly worked)
Asia-Pacific Tax Bulletin, International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation Vol.10,No.3,pp.151-161 2004 Academic journal
17.A Survey of Panel Data Analysis -Recent Development and Its Application-
The Economic Review Vol.54,No.1,pp.74-93 2003 Academic journal
18.Technical Assistance in Fiscal Policy and Tax Administration in Developing Countries: The State of Nature in Bangladesh(jointly worked)
Asia-Pacific Tax Bulletin, International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation Vol.8,No.9,pp.278-288 2002 Academic journal
19.Household savings in Japan revisited(jointly worked)
Research in Economics Vol.55,No.2,pp.135-153 2001 Academic journal
ISSN 10909443doiHERMES-IR
20.Lessons from Generational Accounting in Japan(jointly worked)
American Economic Review Vol.89,No.2,pp.171-175 1999 Academic journal
ISSN 0002-8282doi
21.Risk Accumulation, Contagion and the Rules for Bank Failure(jointly worked)
Proceedings of The Second Joint Central Bank Research Conference on Risk Measurement and Systemic Risk Toward a Better Understanding of Market Dynamics during Periods of Stress (1998) pp.105-143 1999 International conference proceedings
22.Indexd Bonds and Monetary Policy: The Real Interest Rate and The Expected Rate of Inflation
Monetary and Economic Studies Vol.15,No.1,pp.1-25 1997 Academic journal
23.Feldstein-Horioka Paradox Revisited(jointly worked)
Monetary and Economic Studies Vol.13,No.1,pp.1-16 1995 Academic journal
24.Factors Contributing to the Wealth Increase of the Japanese Households(jointly worked)
The Economic Review Vol.45,No.1,pp.16-30 1994 Academic journal


1.Abe shuffles his pieces for the political endgame
East Asia Forum Quarterly Vol.22 September 2017 Other
2.Abe must raise taxes to save Abenomics
3.Can We Stabilize the Price of a Cryptocurrency?: Understanding the Design of Bitcoin and Its Potential to Compete with Central Bank Money(jointly worked)
IER Discussion Paper Series Vol.617 2014 Other
4.Redistributive Effects of Income Tax Rates and Tax Base 1984-2009: Evidence from Japanese Tax Reforms
IER Discussion Paper Series Vol.610 2014 Other
5.Meanings of Panel Data and its Use : Why We Need the Panel Data?
Vol.48,No.6,pp.6-16 2006 Other

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Intergenerational Transfers and Inheritance Tax in Japan(Singapore Economic Review Conference 2019)
2.“Income Tax Reforms and Intra-Generational Redistribution: Evidence from Japan”(National Bureau of Economic Research 28th East Asian Seminar on Economics)
2017.06Manila, Philippines
3."Economic Policy under the Low Growth Period: Abenomics and Secular Stagnation Theory"(The 31th International Conference on Korean-Japanese Economy and Management)
2016.08Gyeonggi-do, Korea
4.Can We Stabilize the Price of a Cryptocurrency?: Understanding the Design of Bitcoin and Its Potential to Compete with Central Bank Money(Singapore Economic Review Conference 2015)
5.Can We Stabilize the Price of a Cryptocurrency?: Understanding the Design of Bitcoin and Its Potential to Compete with Central Bank Money(The Ecology of Digital Assets: Identity, Trust & Data)
2014.07MIT Media Lab
6.“Marriage Behavior from the Perspective of Intergenerational Relationships”(Comparative Study between Korea and Japan on Aging Trend, Economic Social Impact, and Policy Implications)
2013.08Seoul, Korea
7.“Statistical Analysis of Human Growth Pattern: Evidence from the Japanese Panel Data”(The 2013 International Symposium on Analysis of Panel Data in Honor of Professor Cheng Hsiao for His Contributions to Panel Data Analysis and to WISE)
2013.06Fujian, China
8."Dynamic Consumption Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data"(Hitotsubashi Conference on Econometrics)
2007.11Tokyo, Japan
9."Dynamic Consumption Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data"(The 2006 Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting )
2006.09Tohoku University
10."Dynamic Consumption Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data"(2006 Japanease Economic Association Autumn Meeting)
2005.09Chuo University
11."Dynamic Consumption Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data"(Singapore Economic Review Conference)
12."Dynamic Consumption Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data"(2004 Taipei Conference on Macroeconomics and Development, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica,)
13."The Japanese Pension System and Retirement Needs of Japanese Elderly"(Workshop on Aging and The Status of The Older Population in South East Asia, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)
14."Towards A New Architecture for the Japanese Financial System"(IMF- Hitotsubashi University Conference, Designing Financial Systems in East Asia and Japan: Toward a Twenty-First Century Paradigm)
2001.09Tokyo, Japan
15."An Econometric Analysis of Cohort Data from Household Savings in Japan"(Far Eastern Meeting of Econometric Society)
2001.07Kobe, Japan
16."Household Savings in Japan Revisited"(The Joint TMR-ESF-SFB504 Conference on Savings, Pensions, and Portfolio Choice, Deidesheim,)
2000.04Deidesheim, Germany
17.“Lessons from Generational Accounting in Japan”(Annual Meeting of American Economic Association)
1999.01New York, United States
18.“Generational Accounting in Japan”(The Centre for Economic Policy Research Workshop)
1996.12London School of Economics and Political Science, London, United Kingdom
19."Feldstein-Horioka Paradox Revisited"(The Seventh World Congress)
1995.08Keio University, Tokyo
20."Tax Incentives and Personal Saving in Japan"(The NBER/OECD Joint Meeting)
21."Household Saving Behavior in Japan"(The NBER Meeting)
22."Public Policies and Household Saving in Japan"(The NBER Meeting)
23."A Fiscal Policy Game with Overlapping Generations"(The 1987 Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society)
1987.10Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Scientific Research (A)2019-2020
Scientific Research (A)2016-2018
Scientific Research (A)2013-2015
4.Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Households in the Pre-war PeriodJapan: A Panel Data Approach
Scientific Research (A)2009-2012
Scientific Research (A)2005-2007
Publication of Scientific Research Results/Scientific Literature2009
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