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49."New Evidence on the Causes and Propagation of the Great Depression,"
A dissertation submitted to the University of California at Berkeley 1996 Other


1.Twin Survey on the Japanese Economy and Policy Effects: Outline of the Survey and Report of Summary Statistics(jointly worked)
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2.The ESRI Short-Run Macroeconometric Model of the Japanese Economy (2015 version): Basic Structure, Multipliers, and Economic Policy Analyses(jointly worked)
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6."Can Asia Decouple? Investigating Spillovers from the United States to Asia,"(jointly worked)
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7.“Intraregional Trade Key to Asia’s Export Boom,”(jointly worked)
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8."The Evolution of Trade in Emerging Asia,"
Asia and Pacific Regional Economic Outlook?World Economic and Financial Survey pp.41-53 2007 Other
9."The Evolving Nature of Capital Flows in Emerging Asia,"(jointly worked)
Asia and Pacific Regional Economic Outlook?World Economic and Financial Survey pp.28-49 2007 Other
10."Comment: The Impacts of ‘Shock Therapy’ under A Banking Crisis: Experiences from Three Large Bank Failures in Japan,"
Japanese Economic Review Vol.57,No.2,pp.257-259 2006 Academic journal
ISSN 1468-5876doi

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
1."Studies on the Influences of Value-added-tax on Household Consumption and on Disparity among Households"
Scientific Research (C)2019-2021
2."The influence of subjective perceptions on household's financial and economic behavior and its economic implications"
Scientific Research (B)2018-2021
3.Micro-data based Analyses on the Economic Behaviors of Households and Policy Effectiveness in Japan
Scientific Research (A)2011-2013
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