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1.Economics of Innovation and Technological Change
ISBN 9784535559141
2.A Legal and Economic Analysis of Antimonopoly Law: Japanese Competition Policy Evolving through Recent Court and Tribunal Decisions(co-authored and co-edited)
University of Tokyo Press 2017
ISBN 978-4-13-040279-8


1.Exclusion and Margin Squeeze: The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Case (2010)(jointly worked)
Paulo Burnier Da Silveira, William Evan Kovacic eds., Global Competition Enforcement: New Players, New Challenges 2019 Book
ISBN 9789403502830
2. "R&D portfolios and pharmaceutical licensing," by J. Nishimura and Y. Okada(jointly worked)
Research Policy Vol.43,pp.1250-1263 2014 Academic journal
ISSN 18737625
3.Coverage Area Expansion, Customer Switching, and Household Profiles in the Japanese Broadband Access Market(jointly worked)
Information Economics and Policy, Vol.23,No.1,pp.12-23 2011 Academic journal
ISSN 18735975
4.Public-Private Linkage in Biomedical Research in Japan: Lessons of the 1990s(jointly worked)
S. Nagaoka, M. Kondo, K. Flamm and C. W Wessner eds., 21st Century Innovation Systems for Japan and the United States: Lessons from a Decade of Change, Washington, D.C., The National Academies Press pp.238-250 2009 Book
ISBN 978-0309136624
5.Competition and Productivity in Japanese Manufacturing Industries
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies Vol.19,No.4,pp.586-616 2005 Academic journal
ISSN 0889-1583doiHERMES-IR
6.How to Fight Hard Core Cartel? Comments on Collusion in Industrial Economics
Journal of Industry Competition and Trade Vol.5,No.3-4,pp.223-229 2005 Academic journal
ISSN 1566-1679doiHERMES-IR
7.R&D and Patent in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry(jointly worked)
Vol.45,No.11・12,pp.113-146 2004 Academic journal
ISSN 0002-2942
8.Interdependent Telecommunications Demand and Efficient Price Structure(jointly worked)
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies Vol.13,No.4,pp.311-335 1999 Academic journal
ISSN 0889-1583
9.Patent System and R&D in Japan(jointly worked)
A. Goto and H. Odagiri eds., Innovation in Japan, New York: Oxford University Press pp.229-255 1997 Book
ISBN 978-0198289852


1.R&D Portfolios and Pharmaceutical Licensing(jointly worked)
Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper Series, Hitotsubashi University(submitted to a refereed journal, under revision) No.155 2010 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
2.Product Development Strategies and Price Dynamics: The Japanese Compact Digital Still Camera Industry, 1997-2005
CPRC Discussion Paper Series 35-E 2008 Other
3.Does the Public Sector Make a Significant Contribution to Biomedical Research in Japan? A Detailed Analysis of Government and University Patenting, 1991-2002(jointly worked)
CPRC Discussion Paper Series 25-E 2007 Other
4.Is There a Significant Contribution of the Public Sector in Biomedical Research in Japan? A Detailed Analysis of Government and University Patenting, 1991-2001(jointly worked)
COE/RES Discussion Paper Series, Hitotsubashi University No.175 2006 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Drug Pipelines and Pharmaceutical Licensing(98th International Conference of the Applied Econometric Association, Patents and Innovations: Econometric Studies)
2008.12Hitotsubashi University, Japan
2.Product Development Strategies and Price Dynamics: the Japanese Digital Still Camera Industry, 1997-2005(2007 Autumn Meeting (Japanese Economic Association))
2007.09Nihon University, Japan
3.The Broadband Access Demand and Fiber to the Home in Japan(2006 Autumn Meeting (Japanese Economic Association))
2006.10Osaka City University, Japan

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