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1.The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Politics(jointly worked)
Oxford University Press 2021
ISBN 9780190050993
2.An Unexpected Outcome of the Asian Financial Crisis: Is ASEAN+3 a Promising Vehicle for East Asian Monetary Cooperation?
Princeton University Program on US-Japan Relations 2003


1.Quest for Financial Stability in East Asia, Establishment of an Independent Surveillance Unit `AMRO' and Its Future Challenges(jointly worked)
Public Policy Review 2018 Academic journal
ISSN 1880-0955


1.The International Monetary System and the Role and Challenges of Regional Safety Nets in Asia
Bretton Woods: The Next 70 years 2015 Book

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
1.Regional Financial Arrangements in East Asia (CMIM) and international financial flows
Scientific Research (C)2019-2021
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