Graduate School of Economics

Books and Other Publications

1. From Trauma to Triumph: Rising from the Ashes of the Asian Financial Crisis
Hoe Ee Khor, Diwa C. Guinigundo, Masahiro Kawai (Contributor)
World Scientific Publishing Co and ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO) 2022 (ISBN : 9789811253256)
2. The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Politics (jointly worked)
Robert J. Pekkanen, Saadia M, Pekkanen (Contributor)
Oxford University Press 2021.10 (ISBN : 9780190050993)
3. Bretton Woods: The Next 70 years
Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee (Contributor)
Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee 2015.9
4. An Unexpected Outcome of the Asian Financial Crisis: Is ASEAN+3 a Promising Vehicle for East Asian Monetary Cooperation?
Yoichi NEMOTO (Sole author)
Princeton University Program on US-Japan Relations 2003.9


1. Quest for Financial Stability in East Asia, Establishment of an Independent Surveillance Unit `AMRO' and Its Future Challenges (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Akkharaphol Chabchitrchaidol, Satoshi Nakagawa, Yoichi Nemoto
Public Policy Review 2018.9
2. 東アジアにおける通貨金融面での安定に向けた取り組みー独立したサーベイランス・ユニットAMROの設立と残された課題ー (共著) (Peer-reviewed)
根本 洋一, Akkharaphol Chabchitrchaidol, 仲川聡
フィナンシャル・レビュー No.133,pp.170-201 2018.3


1. 通貨・金融の安定に向けた国際政策ネットワークによる取り組みと国際機関
学術の動向 2021.1
2. Comment on "Banking System Reform in China: The Challenges to Improving its Efficiency in Serving the Real Economy"
Yoichi Nemoto
ASIAN ECONOMIC POLICY REVIEW Vol.12,No.2,pp.323-324 2017.7
3. Comment on "Global Financial Crisis and ASEAN: Fiscal Policy Response in the Case of Thailand and Indonesia"
Yoichi Nemoto
ASIAN ECONOMIC POLICY REVIEW Vol.7,No.2,pp.270-271 2012.12

Research Projects

No. Research subject Research item(Awarding organization, System name) Year
1. Regional Financial Arrangements in East Asia (CMIM) and international financial flows
Scientific Research (C)
( Awarding organization: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science System name: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research )
2019.4 - 2023.3