Institute of Economic Research,Research Division of Theories in Economics and Statistics
SAWADA Masayuki


1. Privatization and productivity in China (Peer-reviewed)
Yuyu Chen, Mitsuru Igami, Masayuki Sawada, Mo Xiao
The RAND Journal of Economics Vol.52,No.4,pp.884-916 2021.12
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2. Quantity-Quality trade-off revisited: has the Q-Q trade-off been condemned at all? An estimation of uncovered Q-Q relation and unresolved identification issues
Masayuki Sawada
修士論文 2016.12


1. Joint diagnostic test of regression discontinuity designs: multiple testing problem
Koki Fusejima, Takuya Ishihara, Masayuki Sawada
arXiv:2205.04345 2022.5
2. Win/Loss Data and Consumer Switching Costs: Measuring Diversion Ratios and the Impact of Mergers
Yin Jia (Jeff) Qiu, Masayuki Sawada, Gloria Sheu
SSRN Electronic Journal 2021.11
3. Noncompliance in randomized control trials without exclusion restrictions
Masayuki Sawada
arXiv:1910.03204 2021.6
4. Manipulation-Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs
Takuya Ishihara, Masayuki Sawada
arXiv:2009.07551 2020.9
5. Estimating High-Dimensional Discrete Choice Model of Differentiated Products with Random Coefficients
Masayuki Sawada, Kohei Kawaguchi
arXiv:2004.08791 2020.4


No. Name of subject/Conference Name Year Site
1. Finite-sample optimal estimation for binary-outcome regression discontinuity designs(2022年度(第30回)関西計量経済学研究会)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2023.1.8
2. Manipulation-Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(東京大学 応用統計ワークショップ)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2022.11.18
3. Spatial Regression Discontinuity Designs(3rd Tohoku-ISM-UUlm Joint Workshop)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2022.10.14
4. Manipulation-Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(Econometric Society 2022 Australasia Meeting)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2022.7.6
Virtual (University of Queensland)
5. Manipulation-Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(IAAE annual meeting)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2022.6.23
London, UK
6. "良い"学校は成績を上げるのか: 回帰不連続デザインの理論と実践(実践データ駆動科学オンラインセミナー第12回「人間と社会のデータ科学」)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2021.10.21
7. Manipulation-Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(Asian meeting of Econometric Society 2021)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2021.6.25
8. Manipulation Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(関西労働研究会)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2021.2.19
Virtual (関西労働研究会 大阪)
9. Manipulation Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(Applied Microeconomics Seminar, Kyoto University)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2021.1.22
Virtual(京都大学 京都)
10. Manipulation Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(Kansai Keiryo Keizaigaku Kenkyukai)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2021.1.9
Virtual(福岡大学 福岡県福岡市)
11. Complementarity in Couples’ Retirement : The Effect of Mandatory Retirement Age Extension(AGI seminar (AGI - Asian Growth Research Institute))
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2020.12.10
12. Manipulation Robust Regression Discontinuity Designs(Summer Workshop on Economic Theory)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2020.8.27
13. Targeted Meta-Analysis(Econometric Society World Congress)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2020.8.20
14. Noncompliance in randomized control trials without exclusion restrictions(セミナー報告)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2019.11.7

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Research Projects

No. Research subject Research item(Awarding organization, System name) Year
1. 因果推論仮定の検定と代替的識別・推定方法の研究
( Awarding organization: 日本学術振興会 System name: 科学研究費助成事業 若手研究 )
2021.4 - 2026.3