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Morikawa Masayuki
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1.Price Competition vs. Quality Competition: Evidence from Firm Surveys (forthcoming)
Journal of Economics and Business 2021 Academic journal
2.Employer-provided Training and Productivity: Evidence from a Panel of Japanese Firms (forthcoming)
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 2021 Academic journal
3.Productivity of Firms Using Relief Policies during the COVID-19 Crisis (forthcoming)
Economics Letters Vol.203 2021 Academic journal
4.Uncertainty in Long-Term Macroeconomic Forecasts: Ex post Evaluation of Forecasts by Economics Researchers
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28.Information Technology and the Performance of Japanese SMEs
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30.Economic Development in Asian Countries, and the Effect of Trade in Asia on Employment and Wages in Japan(jointly worked)
Asian Economic Journal Vol.12,No.2,pp.123-151 1988 Academic journal
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1.Uncertainty of Firms' Economic Outlook During the COVID-19 Crisis
RIETI Discussion Paper, 21-E-042 2021 Other
2.Productivity of Firms Using Relief Policies During the COVID-19 Crisis
RIETI Policy Discussion Paper, 21-P-006 2021 Other
3.Productivity of Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from a Firm Survey
RIETI Discussion Paper, 21-E-002 2021 Other
4.Productivity of Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from an Employee Survey
RIETI Discussion Paper, 20-E-073 2020 Other
5.Heterogeneous Relationships between Automation Technologies and Skilled Labor: Evidence from a Firm Survey
RIETI Discussion Paper, 20-E-004 2020 Other
6.Uncertainty in Long-Term Macroeconomic Forecasts: Ex Post Evaluation of Forecasts by Researchers in Economics
RIETI Discussion Paper, 19-E-084 2019 Other
7.Minimum Wages and Productivity: Evidence from Japan
RIETI Policy Discussion Paper, 19-P015 2019 Other
8.Price Competition vs. Quality Competition: Evidence from Firm Surveys
RIETI Discussion Paper, 19-E-075 2019 Other
9.Firms’ Subjective Uncertainty and Forecast Errors
RIETI Discussion Paper, 19-E-055 2019 Other
10.Employer-provided Training and Productivity: Evidence from a Panel of Japanese Firms
RIETI Discussion Paper, 19-E-005 2019 Other
11.Measuring Firm-Level Uncertainty: New Evidence from a Business Outlook Survey
RIETI Discussion Paper, 18-E-030 2018 Other
12.Long Commuting Time and the Benefits of Telecommuting
RIETI Discussion Paper, 18-E-025 2018 Other
13.Effects of Distance and Borders on International and Interregional Tourist Flows: A Micro-Gravity Analysis
RIETI Discussion Paper, 18-E-021 2018 Other
14.Smoking, Obesity, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Japan
RIETI Discussion Paper, 18-E-023 2018 Other
15.Uncertainty over Working Schedules and Compensating Wage Differentials: From the Viewpoint of Labor Management
RIETI Discussion Paper, 18-E-015 2018 Other
16.Impact of Foreign Tourists on Productivity in the Accommodation Industry: A Panel Data Analysis
RIETI Discussion Paper, 17-E-106 2017 Other
17.Are Part-Time Employees Underpaid or Overpaid? Productivity–Wage Gaps in Japan
RIETI Discussion Paper, 17-E-077 2017 Other
18.Who Are Afraid of Losing Their Jobs to Artificial Intelligence and Robots? Evidence from a Survey
RIETI Discussion Paper, 17-E-069 2017 Other
19.Location and Productivity of Knowledge- and Information-Intensive Business Services
RIETI Discussion Paper, 16-E-067 2016 Other
20.Foreign Tourists and Capacity Utilization in the Accommodation Industry
RIETI Discussion Paper, 16-E-064 2016 Other
21.Uncertainty over Exchange Rates and Exports: Evidence from Dispersion of Expectations as a Measure of Uncertainty
RIETI Discussion Paper, 16-E-010 2016 Other
22.Business Restructuring of Japanese Firms: Structural Changes during the ‘Lost Decades’
RIETI Discussion Paper, 13-E-083 2013 Other
23.Stock Options and Productivity: An Empirical Analysis of Japanese Firms
RIETI Discussion Paper, 12-E-011 2012 Other
24.Urban Density, Human Capital, and Productivity: An Empirical Analysis Using Wage Data
RIETI Discussion Paper, 11-E-060 2011 Other
25.Insecurity of Employment and Work-Life Balance: From the Viewpoint of Compensating Wage Differentials
RIETI Discussion Paper, 10-E-052 2010 Other
26.Economies of Scale and Hospital Productivity: An Empirical Analysis of Medical Area Level Panel Data
RIETI Discussion Paper, 10-E-050 2010 Other
27.Volatility, Nonstandard Employment, and Productivity: An Empirical Analysis Using Firm-Level Data
RIETI Discussion Paper, 10-E-025 2010 Other
28.Working Hours of Part-Timers and the Measurement of Firm-Level Productivity
RIETI Discussion Paper, 10-E-015 2010 Other

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Teleworking Productivity: How to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus?(CEPR-RIETI Webinar Economics in the time of Covid-19: The economic impact on Asia)
2020.03Video (YouTube)

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
1.Evaluating the Effects of Recent Industrial Policies on Productivity: Micro Data Analysis
Scientific Research (B)2018-2021
2.Dynamic Analysis on Productivity in the Service Industries
Scientific Research (B)2014-2018
3.Empirical Study on Uncertainty and Firm Behavior Using Micro Data
challenging Exploratory Research2014-2016
4.Empirical study on corporate governance, human resources management, and productivity
Scientific Research (B)2011-2014
Scientific Research (C)2008
Encourangement of Scientists1997-1998
Encourangement of Scientists1996
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