Graduate School of Social Data Science
IMAI Susumu


1. Instrument-free identification and estimation of differentiated products models using cost data (Peer-reviewed)
David P. Byrne, Susumu Imai, Neelam Jain, Vasilis Sarafidis
Journal of Econometrics Vol.228,No.2,pp.278-301 2022.6
2. Assessing gender gaps in employment and earnings in Africa: The case of Eswatini (Peer-reviewed)
Zuzana Brixiová Schwidrowski, Susumu Imai, Thierry Kangoye, Nadege Desiree Yameogo
Development Southern Africa pp.643-663 2021.4
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3. From engineer to taxi driver? Language proficiency and the occupational skills of immigrants (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Derek Stacey, Casey Warman
Canadian Journal of Economics Vol.52,No.3,pp.914-953 2019
4. Empirical Analysis of Brands: A Survey (Peer-reviewed)
Hitoshi Hayakawa, Susumu Imai, Kazuko Nakata
Japanese Economic Review Vol.69,No.3,pp.324-339 2018.9
5. Bridging Marketing and Economics: Introduction to Special Issue (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Yuka Ohno
Japanese Economic Review Vol.69,No.3,pp.255-257 2018.9
6. The effect of active labor market policies on crime: Incapacitation and program effects (Peer-reviewed)
Peter Fallesen, Lars Pico Geerdsen, Susumu Imai, Torben Tranæs
Labour Economics Vol.52,pp.263-286 2018.6
7. Employment, job skills and occupational mobility of cancer survivors (Peer-reviewed)
Eskil Heinesen, Susumu Imai, Shiko Maruyama
Journal of Health Economics Vol.58,pp.151-175 2018.3
8. A quantile-based test of protection for sale model (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama, Kala Krishna
Journal of International Economics Vol.91,No.1,pp.40-52 2013.9
9. A practitioner's guide to Bayesian estimation of discrete choice dynamic programming models (Peer-reviewed)
Andrew T. Ching, Susumu Imai, Masakazu Ishihara, Neelam Jain
Quantitative Marketing and Economics Vol.10,No.2,pp.151-196 2012.6
10. Bayesian estimation of dynamic discrete choice models (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Neelam Jain, Andrew Ching
Econometrica Vol.77,No.6,pp.1865-1899 2009.11
11. Protection for sale or surge protection? (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama, Kala Krishna
European Economic Review Vol.53,No.6,pp.675-688 2009.8
12. Is protection really for sale? A survey and directions for future research (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama, Kala Krishna
International Review of Economics and Finance Vol.18,No.2,pp.181-191 2009.3
13. The inside scoop: Acceptance and rejection at the journal of international economics (Peer-reviewed)
Ivan Cherkashin, Svetlana Demidova, Susumu Imai, Kala Krishna
Journal of International Economics Vol.77,No.1,pp.120-132 2009.2
14. Employment, deterrence, and crime in a dynamic model (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Kala Krishna
International Economic Review Vol.45,No.3,pp.845-872 2004.8
15. Intertemporal labor supply and human capital accumulation (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai, Michael P. Keane
International Economic Review Vol.45,No.2,pp.601-641 2004.5
16. Brand and Quantity Dynamics under Price Uncertainty (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai
Quantitative Marketing and Economics Vol.1,No.1,pp.5-64 2003.3
17. The Benefits of Owner-Occupation in Neighborhoods (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai
Journal of Housing Research Vol.14,No.1,pp.21-48 2003
18. The Value of Owner-Occupation in Neighborhoods (Peer-reviewed)
Susumu Imai
Journal of Housing Research Vol.13,No.2,pp.153-174 2003
19. 労働政策の評価 : 「構造推定アプローチ」と「実験的アプローチ」
今井晋, 有村俊秀, 片山東
日本労働研究雑誌 Vol.43,No.12,pp.14-21 2001

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