Graduate School of Economics

Books and Other Publications

1. 小暮厚之編著『リスクの科学 金融と保険のモデル分析』 (共著)
桑名 陽一, 福地 純一郎 (Joint author)
朝倉書店 2007.11
2. ダレル・ダフィー著『資産価格の理論 株式・債券・デリバティブのプライシング』
山崎 昭, 桑名 陽一, 大橋 和彦, 本多 俊毅 (Joint translator)
創文社 1998.9


1. マクロ経済指標の公表価が外国為替市場に与える影響について (共著) (Peer-reviewed)
桑名 陽一, 須齋 正幸, 川崎 能典
統計数理 Vol.48,No.1,pp.213-227 2000.4
2. Explicit Bayes Solutions to Partially Observable Investment/Consumption Decision Problems
Yoichi Kuwana
一橋大学研究年報 経済学研究 Vol.41,pp.173-208 1999.10
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3. ニュースと外国為替市場 (共著) (Peer-reviewed)
桑名 陽一, 須齋 正幸
九州経済学会年報 Vol.37,pp.30-35 1999.4
4. A Minimax Analysis of Merton's Problem
Yoichi Kuwana
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economic Vol.40,No.2,pp.123-128 1999.4
5. Optimal Consumption/Investment Decisions in Markovian Dynamic Systems
Yoichi Kuwana
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics Vol.38,No.2,pp.149-166 1997.4
6. An introduction to macro-econometric modeling
Yoichi Kuwana
The Hitotsubashi review Vol.115,No.4,pp.826-847 1996.4
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7. An Extension of Krylov's Approach to Stochastic Solutions : The Space LE
Yoichi Kuwana
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics Vol.36,No.2,pp.219-234 1995.12
8. Certainty Equivalence in Consumption/Investment Problems (Peer-reviewed)
Yoichi Kuwana
Mathematical Finance Vol.5,No.4,pp.297-309 1995.10
9. Optimal Consumption/Investment Decisions with Partial Observations, Ph. D. dissertation
Yoichi Kuwana
Ph. D. Dissertation, Dept. of Statistics, Stanford University 1993.12
10. LBI Tests for Multivariate Normality in Exponential Power Distributions. (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Yoichi Kuwana, T. Kariya
Journal of Multivariate Analysis Vol.39,pp.117-134 1991.4

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Research Projects

No. Research subject Research item(Awarding organization, System name) Year
1. Research on Statistical Theory and Time Series Analysis for Mathematical Finance
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
( Awarding organization: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science System name: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research )
2002 - 2004
2. 連続時間モデリングに基づく超高頻度経済時系列データの統計的解析;理論と実証
( Awarding organization: 日本学術振興会 System name: 科学研究費助成事業 )
1999 - 2000
3. 部分観測下の最適消費・投資決定問題の研究
( Awarding organization: 日本学術振興会 System name: 科学研究費助成事業 )
4. Estimation of Diffusion Processes
5. Optimal Consumption/Investment Decision Problem with Partial Observations