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NONamePositionAffiliationResearch Field
1.AKAMINE JunProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesArea studies
2.AKIYAMA ShingoProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesHistory of Europe and America, International relations
3.ASHIWA YoshikoProfessorGraduate School of Social Sciences
4.BANZAI NorikoProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesHistory of Europe and America
5.DALE SONJAAdjunct Assistant ProfessorGraduate School of Social Sciences
6.DOMEN TakahiroAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesTown planning/Architectural planning
7.FUKASAWA HidetakaProfessorGraduate School of Social Sciences
8.FUKUTOMI MitsuhisaProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesPolitics, International relations
9.HASEGAWA KeiAssistantGraduate School of Social SciencesJapanese history
10.HAYASHI HirokiProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesEconomic policy
11.HOSHIBA KaoruAssistantGraduate School of Social SciencesPhilosophy/Ethics
12.IGARASHI YosukeAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Social Sciences
13.IGASHIRA MasahikoAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesPhilosophy/Ethics
14.IKAI ShuheiProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesSocial welfare and social work studies, Medical sociology, Japanese history
15.IKAWA ChitoseProfessorGraduate School of Social Sciences
16.INABA TetsuroProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesSocial psychology, Sociology
17.ISHII HitonariProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesJapanese history
18.ITO RuriProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesSociology, Gender
19.JONATHAN Robert lewisProfessorGraduate School of Social Sciences
20.KASUGA NaokiProfessorGraduate School of Social SciencesCultural anthropology
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