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NONamePositionAffiliationResearch Field
21.ISHIDUKA HidekiProfessorGraduate School of Law
22.ISHIWATA HarumiAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Law
23.ITEYA YoshioSpecially Appointed ProfessorGraduate School of Law
24.KANAI HiroakiSpecially Appointed ProfessorGraduate School of Law
25.KANAI YoshihikoProfessorGraduate School of LawEuropean literature
26.KARIYA HirosatoProfessorGraduate School of Law
27.KASHIWAZAKI JunkoProfessorGraduate School of LawJapanese literature
28.KIM AREUMAssistant ProfessorGraduate School of LawInternational relations
29.KOBAYASHI HideyukiProfessor EmeritusGraduate School of LawCivil law
30.KOMINE YoheiAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Law
31.KUZUNO HiroyukiProfessorGraduate School of LawCriminal law
32.KWON YongseokAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Law
School of International and Public Policy
33.MAEDA MarikoAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Law
34.MATSUZONO JunichiroAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of LawFundamental law
35.MIDDLETON JohnProfessorGraduate School of LawFundamental law
36.MIDORI DaisukeProfessorGraduate School of LawCriminal law
37.MIZUMOTO HironoriProfessorGraduate School of LawCivil law
38.MORIMURA SusumuProfessor EmeritusGraduate School of LawFundamental law
39.MORI SeigoProfessor EmeritusGraduate School of LawSocial law
40.NAGATSUKA MakotoProfessorGraduate School of LawNew fields of law
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