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NONamePositionAffiliationResearch Field
61.TAKIZAWA MasahikoProfessorGraduate School of LawCivil law
62.TAMAI ToshiyukiProfessorGraduate School of LawCivil law
63.Tanai AkiraSpecially Appointed ProfessorGraduate School of Law
64.TANAKA MisatoSpecially Appointed Assistant Professor (Junior Fellow)Graduate School of Law
65.TOMOZAWA HirotakaProfessorGraduate School of Law
66.TSUJI TakuyaProfessorGraduate School of Law
School of International and Public Policy
67.TSURU TakeshiAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Law
68.WANG YunhaiProfessorGraduate School of Law
69.WATANABE YasuyukiSpecially Appointed ProfessorGraduate School of LawPublic law
70.YAMADA AtsushiProfessor
Vice President
Graduate School of Law
71.YAMADA HiroshiProfessor EmeritusGraduate School of Law
72.YAMAMOTO KazuhikoProfessorGraduate School of LawCivil law
73.YAMAUCHI SusumuProfessor EmeritusGraduate School of LawFundamental law
74.YANAGI TakeshiAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of LawSocial law
75.YASHIKI Albertus Jiro ReiProfessorGraduate School of LawFundamental law
76.YOSHIMURA MasaoProfessorGraduate School of Law
77.YUN JaeunSpecially Appointed Assistant Professor (Junior Fellow)Graduate School of Law
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