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UI Takashi
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1.Bayesian Nash Equilibrium and Variational Inequalities
Journal of Mathematical Economics Vol.63,pp.139-146 2016 Academic journal
ISSN 0304-4068Link
2.Characterizing Social Value of Information(jointly worked)
Journal of Economic Theory Vol.158,pp.507-535 2015 Academic journal
ISSN 0022-0531HERMES-IRLink
3.The Social Value of Public Information with Convex Costs of Information Acquisition
Economics Letters Vol.125,No.2,pp.249-252 2014 Academic journal
ISSN 0165-1765HERMES-IRLink
4.Radner's Theorem on Teams and Games with a Continuum of Players(jointly worked)
Economics Bulletin Vol.33,No.1,pp.72-77 2013 Academic journal
ISSN 1545-2921Link
5.Effects of Symmetry on Globalizing Separated Monopolies to a Nash-Cournot Oligopoly(jointly worked)
International Game Theory Review Vol.14,pp.1250009-1-1250009-15 2012 Academic journal
ISSN 0219-1989Link
6.The Myerson Value for Complete Coalition Structures(jointly worked)
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research Vol.74,pp.427-443 2011 Academic journal
ISSN 1432-2994HERMES-IRLink
7.The Ambiguity Premium vs. the Risk Premium under Limited Market Participation
Review of Finance Vol.15,pp.245-275 2011 Academic journal
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8.Baysesian Potentials and Information Structures: Team Decision Problems Revisited
International Journal of Economic Theory Vol.5,pp.271-291 2009 Academic journal
ISSN 1742-7355HERMES-IRLink
9.Coextrema Additive Operators(jointly worked)
S. K. Neogy, A. K. Das and R. B. Bapat (eds.) Modeling, Computation and Optimization, World Scientific pp.73-95 2009 Book
ISBN 978-9814273503HERMES-IRLink
10.Interim Efficient Allocations under Uncertainty(jointly worked)
Journal of Economic Theory Vol.144,pp.337-353 2009 Academic journal
ISSN 0022-0531HERMES-IRLink
11.Discrete Concavity for Potential Games
International Game Theory Review Vol.10,pp.137-143 2008 Academic journal
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12.Correlated Equilibrium and Concave Games
International Journal of Game Theory Vol.37,pp.1-13 2008 Academic journal
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13.Cominimum Additive Operators(jointly worked)
Journal of Mathematical Economics Vol.43,pp.218-230 2007 Academic journal
ISSN 0304-4068HERMES-IRLink
14.Correlated Quantal Responses and Equilibrium Selection
Games and Economic Behavior Vol.57,pp.361-369 2006 Academic journal
ISSN 0899-8256HERMES-IRLink
15.Agreeable Bets with Multiple Priors(jointly worked)
Journal of Economic Theory Vol.128,pp.299-305 2006 Academic journal
ISSN 0022-0531HERMES-IRLink
16.A Note on Discrete Convexity and Local Optimality
Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Vol.23,pp.21-29 2006 Academic journal
17.Equivalence of the Dempster-Shafer Rule and the Maximum Likelihood Rule Implies Convexity(jointly worked)
Economics Bulletin Vol.4,No.10,pp.1-6 2005 Academic journal
ISSN 1545-2921HERMES-IRLink
18.Generalized Potentials and Robust Sets of Equilibria(jointly worked)
Journal of Economic Theory Vol.124,pp.45-78 2005 Academic journal
ISSN 0022-0531HERMES-IRLink
19.Incomplete Information Games with Multiple Priors(jointly worked)
Japanese Economic Review Vol.56,pp.332-351 2005 Academic journal
ISSN 1352-4739HERMES-IRLink
20.Best Response Equivalence(jointly worked)
Games and Economic Behavior Vol.49,pp.260-287 2004 Academic journal
ISSN 0899-8256HERMES-IRLink
21.Robust Equilibria of Potential Games
Econometrica Vol.69,pp.1373-1380 2001 Academic journal
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22.A Shapley Value Representation of Potential Games
Games and Economic Behavior Vol.31,pp.121-135 2000 Academic journal
ISSN 0899-8256HERMES-IRLink
23.Recent Balance of Payments Developments in Japan: Is the Current Account Surplus Structural or Temporary?(jointly worked)
M. Okabe (ed.), The Structure of the Japanese Economy: Changes on the Domestic and International Fronts, St. Martin's Press pp.416-434 1994 Book
ISBN 978-0333617731Link

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Robust Voting under Uncertainty(Workshop on Decision Making and Contest Theory)
2017.01Ein Gedi
2.Ambiguity and Risk in Global Games(AMES 2016)
3.Ambiguity and Risk in Global Games(Games 2016)
4.Ambiguity and Risk in Global Games(2nd Workshop on "Ambiguity in Games and Mechanisms")
5.Optimal Disclosure of Public Information with Endogenous Acquisition of Private Information(The 11th World Congress of the Econometric Society)
6.Ambiguity and Risk in Global Games(ZIF Research Group Workshop: Knightian Uncertainty in Strategic Interactions and Markets)
7."Welfare Effects of Information Acquisition Costs,"(EEA-ESEM 2014)
2014.08Toulouse, France
8.Self-Control Games(Game 2012)
2012.07Istanbul, Turkey
9.*Ambiguity and Risk in Global Games(CRETA - Marie Curie Conference in Honour of Peter Hammond)
2010.03University of Warwick, UK
10.*Ambiguity and Risk in Credit Crises(Japanese-French Frontiers of Science Symposium 2009)
2010.01Futuroscope, France
11.Ambiguity and Risk in Global Games(UECE-Lisbon Meetings 2009: Game Theory and Applications)
2009.11Lisbon, Portugal
12.Non-atomic Potential Games and the Value of Vector Measure Games(Games 2008)
2008.07Evanston, USA

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Scientific Research (A)2014-2018
Scientific Research (C)2015-2017
Scientific Research (C)2012-2014
4.Decision making and financial markets under risk and ambiguity
Scientific Research (C)2008-2010

Past Joint Research and Commissioned Research

NOResearch subjectStyleYearOutline
1.Robust Voting under UncertaintyInternational joint research2015-
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