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1.The Role of Meta-Organizing in Legitimacy Repairing: The Case of Frozen Food Category in Japan(jointly worked)
paper presented at the 33rd European Group for Organization Studies Colloquium 2017 International conference proceedings
2.Repairing Legitimacy: The Case of Food Scandals and Meta-Organizational Responses in Japan(jointly worked)
paper presented at the 12th Organization Studies Summer Workshop 2017 International conference proceedings
3.Beyond taxation: Discourse around energy policy in Japan(jointly worked)
Energy Policy Vol.98,pp.412-419 2016 Academic journal


1.Creating Organizational Facades: A Case Study of the Reorganization Plan of the Japanese National Railways
Paper Presented at 6th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies 2014 International conference proceedings

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
1.Intra-organizational processes of making the first rehabilitation plan of JNR
Research Activity start-up2009-2010
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