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1.Modality of the academia: Introspections on academic evaluations, scholarly societies, and quest for truth
Reasons of failures of some Japanese academic societies Union A pp.78-94 2021
ISBN 9784908679087
2.Regions and Paradigm Shift in Automobile Industry(Allotment Writing)
Regional changes in automobile design development activities: Implications for Tohoku region in Japan Sosei Publishing pp.102-125 2021
ISBN 978-4794432155
3.Economics of Innovation and Marketing(jointly worked)
ISBN 9784502300813


1.Managerial Insights from Innovation Management Studies
Hitotsubashi Business Review 2021 Academic journal
2.Innovation Management for Surviving the Recession: A Literature Review(jointly worked)
Hitotsubashi Business Review Vol.68,No.2,pp.96-107 2020 Academic journal
ISBN 9784492820902
3.Early career training and development of academic independence: a case of life sciences in Japan(jointly worked)
Studies in Higher Education 2020 Academic journal
ISSN 0307-5079doi
4.Determinants of Donations to a Scientific Research: An experimental study of motivations for crowdfunding in Japan(jointly worked)
The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management Vol.35,No.1,pp.77-95 2020 Academic journal
ISSN 0914-7020doiHERMES-IR
5.Revisiting incremental product innovations in the food-manufacturing industry: an empirical study on the effect of intellectual property rights(jointly worked)
Journal of Economic Structures Vol.9,pp.34- 2020 Academic journal
ISSN 2193-2409doi
6.Profiting from (not too many) package designs: evidence from a firm-level design registration analysis in the food manufacturing industry(jointly worked)
British Food Journal Vol.122,No.7,pp.2233-2251 2020 Academic journal
ISSN 0007-070Xdoi
7.Determinants of patent infringement awards in the US, Japan, and China: A comparative analysis(jointly worked)
World Patent Information Vol.60 2020 Academic journal
8.Why academic spin-offs remain around the campus? A case of Hongo Valley(jointly worked)
Hitotsubashi Business Review Vol.67,No.4,pp.46-61 2020 Academic journal
ISBN 4492820884
9.Individual-level determinants of academic patent licensing to start-ups: impacts of principal investigators’ embeddedness in the industry(jointly worked)
Research Handbook on Start-Up Incubation Ecosystems pp.349-365 2020 Book
ISBN 9781788973533doi
10.The dilemma of design innovation: Analysis of mobile phone’s design patent.(jointly worked)
Annals of Business Administrative Science Vol.18,No.6,pp.209-222 2019 Academic journal
ISSN 1347-4456doi
11.Institutional Factors for Academic Entrepreneurship in Publicly owned Universities in Japan: Transition from a Conservative Anti-industry University Collaboration Culture to a Leading Entrepreneurial University
Science, Technology and Society Vol.24,No.3,pp.423-445 2019 Academic journal
12.Industrial Design Management within Technological Change: The Case of Digital Camera (jointly worked)
Akamon Management Review Vol.17,No.4,pp.159-178 2018 Academic journal
ISSN 1348-5504doi
13.Regulating Standard Essential Patents in Implementer-Oriented Countries: Insights from India and Japan(jointly worked)
Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology pp.183-207 2018 Book
ISBN 978-981-13-1232-8Link
14.An invenstigation into firms' knowledge-building strategy under technology-sharing regime(jointly worked)
Organizational Science Vol.51,No.4,pp.33-42 2018 Academic journal
ISSN 0286-9713doi
15.Designer-Originated Technology Innovations in Innovative Products: Roles of Industrial Designers in Innovation
Japan Marketing Journal Vol.38,No.1,pp.21-37 2018 Academic journal
ISSN 0389-7265doi
16.The validity of industrial design registrations and design patents as a measurement of "good" product design: A comparative empirical analysis(jointly worked)
World Patent Information Vol.53,pp.14-23 2018 Academic journal
ISSN 0172-2190doi
17.An alternative resource for technology innovation: Do industrial designers create superior invention?(jointly worked)
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology, PICMET 2016 2016 Academic journal
18.Do forward citations indicate design right value? An explorative study(jointly worked)
Journal of Intellectual Property Association of Japan Vol.12,No.3,pp.1-24 2016 Academic journal
19.Linking Product Design and Technology: An Empirical Study on Performance and Experience in Novel Product Development Teams(jointly worked)
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology, PICMET 2015 2015 International conference proceedings
20.Creating Excellent Industrial Designs by Multidisciplinary Engineers and Industrial Designers: An Empirical Study on Japanese Digital Camera Manufacturers(jointly worked)
Hitotsubashi Business Review Vol.62,No.4,pp.64-79 2015 Academic journal
ISBN 978-4-492-82065-0
21.Industrial Designers as a Driver of Technology Innovation: an evidence from a Japanese electronics industry(jointly worked)
International Society for Professional Innovation Management, The 6th ISPIM Innovation Symposium 2013 International conference proceedings
ISBN 978-952-265-423-6


1.Management and Utilization of Data Generated in Firms: Understanding the Actual Situation Using Questionnaire Surveys(jointly worked)
2021 Other
2.Determinants of the decision to enroll in Ph.D. program in life science and information science: Why Japan has exceptionally decreased young Ph.D. students? (jointly worked)
Institute of Future Initiatives at The University of Tokyo, Working Paper Series No.4 2021 Other
3.The U.S.-China Technology Decoupling and its Influence on International Academic Collaboration
Security Studies Unit, Institute of Future Initiatives at The University of Tokyo, Essay Series 2021 research society, symposium materials, etc.
4.International knowledge spillover of emerging technologies and the U.S.-China decoupling: A preliminary analysis
Nakasone Peace Institute Research Report 2020 research society, symposium materials, etc.
5.Evaluations of Design Act Amendment in 2019: From interdisciplinary perspectives(jointly worked)
Intellectual Property Journal Vol.13,pp.19-27 2020 Other
ISSN 2432-910X
6.Estimations of the Impact of Research Administrators in Universities on Research Fund Raising Activities(jointly worked)
NISTEP Discussion Paper No.179 2020 Other
7.Roles of intellectual property managers before and after technology alliances and M&As
Intellectual Property Management Vol.68,No.10,pp.1370-1388 2018 Other
ISSN 1340-847X

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.An Aesthetics Convergence?: A Measurement of Influential Product Categories in Styles of Products using Design Patent Citation Network Analysis(17th Annual Meeting of the Intellectual Property Association of Japan)
2.Empirical Study on Impacts of University Research Administrator Allocations(34th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management)
3.Measuring Design Trends Using Design Rights: A Citation Analysis Approach to Identify Influential Product Categories in Design Development(4D Conference (International Conference on Meanings of Design in the Next Era))
2019.10Osaka International Conference Center, Osaka
4.Designerly Thinking and Technology Innovation: A Black Box in Innovation(Asia Pacific Innovation Conference 2019)
2019.10School of Economics at Peking University, Peking
5.Examining public perception of the university-industry collaboration research by a split-run test: Pitfalls in academic technology transfer policy.(The 2019 Technology Transfer Society Annual Conference)
2019.09Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto, Toronto
6.Evolving Groups in Networks of Academic Technology Transfer(The Future of Conducting and Publishing Research in Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management & Strategy)
2019.05Bologna Business School, Bologna, Italy
7.Network position of SEPs and bargaining power: An strategic aspect of SEP declarations(2018 SMS Annual Conference)
2018.09Paris, France
8.A technological return to originating firms from knowledge spillovers: A new strategic tool or an unintentional side effect?(PICMET 2018)
2018.08Honolulu, USA
9.The architectural control over the opened product-system under the standardization(2018 AOM Annual Meeting)
2018.08Swissotel Chicago: Chicago

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Young Scientists (B)2016-2019
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