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Gherghel Claudia Emilia
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1.The meaning of kindness and gratitude in Japan: A mixed-methods study(jointly worked)
International Journal of Wellbeing Vol.10 ,No.4,pp.55-73 2020 Academic journal
2.Culture moderates the association between social expectations regarding helping and positive affect (jointly worked)
Japanese Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 2020 Academic journal
3.Culture, morality, and the effect of prosocial behavior motivation on positive affect (jointly worked)
Ethics and Behavior Vol.30,No.2,pp.126-149 2020 Academic journal
4.Prosocial behavior and well-being in different cultures(jointly worked)
Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University (Psychology and Human Development Sciences) Vol.66,pp.17-30 2019 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
5.The relationship between frequency of performing acts of kindness and subjective well-being: A mediation model in three cultures (jointly worked)
Current Psychology 2019 Academic journal
6.Quieting the ego through group activities: A thematic analysis of Romanian and Japanese students' positive group experiences (jointly worked)
Journal of Happiness Studies Vol.19,No.5,pp.1283-1303 2018 Academic journal

Academic Award Received

NOAcademic AwardYear
1.International Registration Award (Society for Personality and Social Psychology)2020.09
2.Overseas Conference Travel Grant for Graduate Students and Young Researchers (The Japanese Society of Social Psychology)2020.05
3.Best Presentation Award (Japanese Group Dynamics Association)2018.09
4.Overseas Conference Travel Grant (Nagoya University)2017.06

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Helping more when it's expected: The effect of culture and obligation to help on prosocial effort(Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention)
2.Comment to Fan Xiao "Money-helping behavior effects on subjective wellbeing distinguished by dissimilar interpersonal relations: Evidence from China"(Japan Association for Applied Economics Fall Conference)
3.The effect of prosocial behavior on benefactors' positive affect: Focusing on the role of request for help and culture(84th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Psychology)
4.Prosocial Behavior Enhances Relatedness Need Satisfaction, but Only Momentarily(83th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Psychology)
2019.09Osaka, Japan
5.The kinder I am, the happier I feel: The relationship between kindness and well-being in three cultures(13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology Conference)
2019.07Taiwan, Taipei
6.Culture, moral discourse and motivation to perform kind acts(65th Annual Conference of the Japanese Group Dynamics Association)
2018.09Kobe, Japan
7.The effect of desire to be kind on positive affect - Focusing on the moderating effect of the community ethic(59th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Social Psychology)
2018.08Osaka, Japan
8.The effect of perceived duty and desire to be kind on expected positive affect( 24th Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology)
2018.07Guelph, Canada
9.The moral foundations of Romanians and Japanese(58th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Social Psychology)
2017.10Hiroshima, Japan
10.The moderating effect of moral foundations on the relationship between positive activity involvement and well-being(15th Annual Meeting International Society for Quality of Life Studies)
2017.09Innsbruck, Austria
11.The effect of culture on self-determined motivation to express gratitude and perform acts of kindness(57th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Social Psychology)
2016.09Osaka, Japan
12.The relationship between moral foundations and motivation to engage in positive activities(31st International Congress of Psychology)
2016.07Yokohama, Japan
13.Happy by being grateful: Effect of culture, moral foundations and the reciprocity norm on self-determined motivation to express gratitude(23rd Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology)
2016.07Nagoya, Japan

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
1.Interpersonal factors promoting prosocial behavior
Research Activity start-up2020-2021
2.The moderating effect of culture and morality on the relationship between prosocial behavior and well-being
JSPS Fellows2018-2019
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