Graduate School of Business Administration,Department of Business Administration
SHINOZAWA Yoshikatsu


1. Financial reporting lag during COVID-19: evidence from flash reporting in Japan (Peer-reviewed)
Tolulola Lawal, Yoshikatsu Shinozawa
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics 2022
2. Corporate Debt Mix and Long-term Firm Growth in Japan (Peer-reviewed)
Yongkil Ahn, Yoshikatsu Shinozawa, Kazuo Yamada
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade Vol.58,No.8,pp.2139-2152 2022
3. Women on corporate boards around the world: Triggers and barriers (Peer-reviewed)
Amon Chizema, Dzidziso S. Kamuriwo, Yoshikatsu Shinozawa
Leadership Quarterly Vol.26,No.6,pp.1051-1065 2015.12
4. Determinants of money flows into investment trusts in Japan (Peer-reviewed)
Yoshikatsu Shinozawa, Andrew Vivian
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money Vol.37,pp.138-161 2015.7
5. The 'company with committees': Change or continuity in Japanese corporate governance? (Peer-reviewed)
Amon Chizema, Yoshikatsu Shinozawa
Journal of Management Studies Vol.49,No.1,pp.77-101 2012.1
6. Mutual versus proprietary ownership: An empirical study from the uk unit trust industry with a company-product measure (Peer-reviewed)
Yoshikatsu Shinozawa
Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Vol.81,No.2,pp.247-280 2010.6
7. The effect of organisational form on investment products: An empirical analysis of the UK unit trust industry (Peer-reviewed)
Yoshikatsu Shinozawa
Corporate Governance: An International Review Vol.15,No.6,pp.1244-1259 2007.11

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