Graduate School of Business Administration,Department of Business Administration

Books and Other Publications

1. Free Innovation
Yuichi Washida, Nanami Furue, Saori Kitaura, Nguyen Phuong Bao Chau (Translator/Editor)
Hakuto Shobo 2019.9


1. Automation of frontline service encounters: A cognitive script theory perspective (Peer-reviewed)
Nguyen Phuong Bao Chau
2. Current trends and issues of paradigms in the field of marketing research: Toward more active theoretical development
Mai Uno, Nguyen Phuong Bao Chau, Yaxin Zhao, Shunta Rokushima, Kyoko Fukukawa
Hitotsubashi Review of Commerce and Management Vol.17,No.2,pp.14-30 2022.11
3. Extending a Welcome to International Tourists: A Case Study of Nishimuraya, a ryokan in Hyogo Prefecture
Nguyen Phuong, Bao Chau
Japan Marketing Journal Vol.39,No.4,pp.77-85 2020.3
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4. The effect of country of origin on consumers’ expectation and perception of lodging service quality: A comparative analysis of lodging services in Japan (Peer-reviewed)
Nguyen Phuong, Bao Chau


No. Name of subject/Conference Name Year Site
1. The effect of script change on consumers’ acceptance of automated frontline service encounters(2023 Global Marketing Conference)
Holding date : 2023.7.20 - 2023.7.22
Presentation date : 2023.7.21
2. Automation of frontline service encounters: A script theory perspective(2022 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET ‘22))
Holding date : 2022.8.7 - 2022.8.11
Presentation date : 2022.8.8
3. The effects of customers’ cultural values on their perceptions of lodging service quality: A comparative analysis of customers at traditional Japanese inns(The Sixth International Conference on Design Creativity (ICDC2020))
Holding date : 2020.8.26 - 2020.8.28
Presentation date : 2020.8.27
4. Country of origin effect in the context of hotel services(41st Annual Informs Society for Marketing Science Conference)
Holding date : 2019.6.20 - 2019.6.22
Presentation date : 2019.6.22


No. Award name Year
1. Tokio Marine Kagami Memorial Foundation Scholarship for ASEAN Students in Japan 2020.4
2. Kamenori Foundation Scholarship for Asian Graduate Students 2018.4
3. Japanese Government Scholarship for Undergraduate Students 2013.4