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1.Dignity and society(jointly worked)
Dignity and violence; thinking with trichotomy of public, intimate and personal sphere pp.58 -73 2020
ISBN 978-4-588-15108-8
2.Troidal Island (published in Chinese)
ISBN 978-986-97086-1-6
3.Looking Back the Past: Massive Violence and Memory in Japan and in Spain.(jointly worked)
About Unexplainable Trauma: The Troidal Island Publication of the University of Oviedo pp.37-47 2019
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4.Mother is Born
ISBN 978-604-77-5166-2
5.Mother is Born
Fukuinkan shoten 2016
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Sung An Dang Publishing 2015
7.Verbalizing sexuality(Allotment Writing)
How can we speak of sexuality? Seido-sya pp.155-203 2015
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8.Disaster and Civilization(Allotment Writing)
Cultivating Trauma: turning psychological wounds into a fertile soil Usio Publishers pp.181-186 2015
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9.Peace and reconciliation: thoughts, experiences and methods(Allotment Writing)
Cultivating Trauma: a reply to the report of the Professor Claude Debru Syunpo-sya pp.360-377 2015
ISBN 978-4845114054
10.PTSD in children: diagnosis and treatment(Allotment Writing)
Can we cultivate Trauma? Shindan to Chiryo pp.68-69 2014
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Iwanami Shoten Publishers 2013
ISBN 9784004314042
12.Hard to be a woman: rethinking work-life balance(Allotment Writing)
Being with a dying person Igaku Shoin pp.179-206 2011
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13.Disaster trauma and restoration stress
Iwanami Shoten Publishers 2011
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14.Healing trauma: a clinical report of disaster mental health(Allotment Writing)
A message from 1995 for the days of 2011 Sakuhin-sha pp.428-440 2011
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15.Can we love trauma?
Ohtsuki-shoten Publishers. 2010
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16.Sexual Dominance and World History: From Colonialism to Ethnic Cleansing
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18.essence of a clinical care for women
Igaku Shoin 2007
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19.Toroidal Island: Geopolitics of Trauma
Misuzu Publisher 2007
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20.Medical Anthropology of trauma
Misuzu Publisher 2005
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21.Trauma and Gender: clinical reports
Kongo Publishers 2004
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22.Living in a foreign culture
Seiwa-shoten pp.1-240 2002
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23.For people learning the Social philosophy(jointly worked)
Sekaishiso-sya pp.144-156 2001
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24.Globalizing Feminist Bioethics
Westview Press 2001
25.Introduction to the cultural psychiatry: disease, narrative and ethnography
Kongo Publishers 2001
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26.towards the ethics for cross-cultural understanding(jointly worked)
Can Refugees Be Saved? Nagoya University Press pp.269-286 2000
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27.For people learning the Bioethics(jointly worked)
Culture and Bioethics Sekaishiso-sya pp.289-301 1998
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28.Current of Transcultural Psychiatry "Telephone Counseling and Transcultural Psychiatry from the
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31.International cooperation and career for women
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32.Mental Health of Overseas Japanese
Houken pp.73-95 1994
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33.Between life and life
Baobabu-sha pp.81-112 1994
ISBN 978-4795213722


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14.Secrets and Lies in Clinical Care.(jointly worked)
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15.Current Situation and Problems of Support for Traumatized People(jointly worked)
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16.Surviving: Miho and Toshio Shimao
pp.18-21 2018 Book
17.Gaze on Trauma & Sensitivity for Cultivating Trauma(jointly worked)
No.29,pp.80-84 2017 Academic journal
18.Victims and Trauma(jointly worked)
pp.88-108 2017 Book
19.Cultivating trauma beyond deciplines(jointly worked)
Vol.16,No.1,pp.30-35 2017 Academic journal
20.looking for a space to talk about sexual trauma(jointly worked)
No.7,pp.35-51 2017 Academic journal
21.Trauma in Disaster and Restoration(jointly worked)
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36.Why does domestic violence happen?: thinking from the perspectives of Humanities and Social Sciences
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37.An imaginative cocoon and a vulnerable feather
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38.Psychological trauma of the supporters: self-care is necessary to continue a long-term support
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39.Crossing fields : Difficulty of writing a textbook
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42.To speak of trauma/ not to speak of trauma
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43.Way of Knowledege to Live in the Air
First Lecture After the Tsunami 2012 Book
44.How can and can not sexuality be discussed?
Gendai shisou Vol.39,No.17,pp.152-173 2011 Academic journal
45.What is 'psychological care'?
Alta No.9-10,pp.24-25 2011 Academic journal
46.Body created by disaster: disaster site to sex industry
Gendai shisou Vol.39,No.11,pp.118-125 2011 Academic journal
47.The real extraordinary tale
Shincho pp.304-305 2011 Academic journal
48.Drug addiction and trauma: Focusing on the female addicts
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49.What does intimate violence deprive the victim of ?
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Vol.127,No.4,pp.462-481 2002 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
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58.Inaga, Shigemi ed: "The Fourteenth International Symposium: Crossing Cultural Borders: Toward an Ethics of Inter-cultural Communication-Beyond Reciprocal Anthropology" ("Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Assistance at Refugee Camps:A Case in Djibouti ")
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59.Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Assistance at Refugee Camps:A Case in Djibouti.
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61.Assistance of overseas Japanese.
Vol.19,No.1,pp.90-93 2000 Academic journal
62.Love and Marrige
Vol.18,No.4,pp.530-533 1999 Academic journal
63.Mental Health of Women in Society : For Gender Sensitive Therapy
Vol.101,No.1,pp.3-8 1999 Academic journal
64.Shifting Identities in Cultural Psychiatry
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Vol.18,No.3,pp.401-404 1999 Academic journal
66.A Narrative of Lonliness
Vol.17,No.1,pp.75-78 1998 Academic journal
67.Inpregnating sex and pregnant sex : possibility of relizing men's responsibility for contraception.
Vol.1,pp.19-29 1998 Academic journal
68.Teaching Medical Students about Sexual Harassment with a Role Play Method(jointly worked)
Medical Education Vol.29,No.1,pp.15-20 1998 Academic journal
69.Current situation and problems of health and welfare system for foreigners living in Japan.
Vol.26,No.371,pp.14-17 1998 Academic journal
70.Being at the entrance of the field.
Vol.2,No.3,pp.230-237 1998 Academic journal
71.Snake in Heaven(jointly worked)
Vol.2,No.3,pp.220-229 1998 Academic journal
72.When two cultures meet
Vol.16,No.4,pp.420-421 1997 Academic journal
73.Informed consent and the role of nurses.(jointly worked)
1997 Other
74.Medical Education of Occupational Health Using Simulated Patients and Role Play Method.(jointly worked)
Vol.28,No.2,pp.85-89 1997 Academic journal
75.Japanese and American Physicians' Ethical Discourses in regard to truth-telling
Vol.18,No.3 1997 Academic journal
76.What is Mental Health Sociology.
1996 Academic journal
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pp.31-41 1996 Academic journal
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Vol.43,No.447 1996 Other
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1.The Mother 's Book: How to Survive the Molestation of Your Child(Translation)
Akashi-shoten Publishers 2010
2.Betrayed as boys : psychodynamic treatment of sexually abused men(Translation)
Sakuhin-sha 2005
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3.Multiple personality disorder from the inside out(Translation)
Sakuhin-sha 2003
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4.An introduction to qualitative research
Syunju-sya 2002
5.Harvard Trauma Questionnaire Japanese Version, Hopkins Symptom Checklist 25(Translation)
Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health 1996


1.10th year, 16th year 75th year, 25th year and.
2021 Other
2.If You Feel Anxious.
haha no tomo No.080,pp.32-34 2020 Other
3.Shaking Heart, Touching Words.
2020 Other
4.Living with the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Seikyo Shinbun pp.10 2020 Other
5.The Covid-19 Pandemic: Unpredictable Situations.
Akita shinbun pp.9 2020 Other
6.Review of the movie "NIJYUU NO MACHI / KOUTAICHI NO UTA WO AMU"(jointly worked)
ART SUPPORT Tohoku-Tokyo Vol.3,pp.16-39 2020 Other
7.On my mother's dying
haha no tomo No.800,pp.58-59 2020 Other
8.If you feel tired
haha no tomo No.797,pp.32-33 2019 Other
9.Harmonizing the time and space: on traveling(co-authored and co-edited)
2019 research society, symposium materials, etc.
10.Facing Psychological Trauma
Doho Shinbun pp.2-3 2019 Other
11.Sincerity Meets Sincerity(jointly worked)
Watashi no jinken no mori pp.40-56 2019 Other
ISBN 978-4-909894-05-2
12.Scary Memory (2)
Chio Tsusin No.8,pp.4-5 2019 Other
13.Scary Memory: My Father and a Snake
No.7,pp.2-3 2018 Other
14.When You Can't Enjoy Parental Care
haha no tomo No.779,pp.18-20 2018 Other
15.Book reviw on "Nakai Hisao"
Vol.43,No.6,pp.902- 2017 Academic journal
16.A little bit of connections: book review of "Challenger Deep"
No.493,pp.58- 2017 Other
17.Encounter with Dr. Nakai in Kobe
2017 Book
18.Good Enough Mother
Hahanotomo Vol.757,pp.32-33 2015 Other
19.Violence and trauma in the relationships: to prevent students from becoming a victim or a victimizer
Report of the 2014 conference of the education research for the independence and the equality between men and women (the Japan Teacher's Union) pp.10-20 2014 research society, symposium materials, etc.
20.When two cultures meet.7: PTSD
1999 Other
21.When two cultures meet.6: PTSD
1999 Other
22.American Dream
1998 Other
23.How is it possible to realize men's responsibility for contraception?
Impaction Vol.108,pp.144-151 1998 Other
24.Health Policy and Healthy Policy
Vol.116,pp.96-97 1998 Other
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Vol.101,pp.122-123 1997 Other
28.International cooperation in Japan
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30.Second injury caused by insensitive assistance.
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1996 Other
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Review Vol.13,pp.11-15 1996 Other
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42.Mental Health of Overseas Japanese : from the standpoint of Medical Anthropology
Report of Research Support : the Mental Health Okamoto Memorial Foundation No.2,pp.125-129 1990 Other

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Global conference on gender based violence under COVID-19 era.(国際共同会議)
2.Cultivating Trauma.(Cultivating Trauma, The 5th World Congress of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry(WACP))
2018.10Columbia University, N.Y.
3.Secrets and Lies around Trauma(The 4th World Social Science Forum, International Social Science Council (ISSC))
2018.09Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka
4.Secret and Lies around Trauma(the 3rd Conference of the South-South Institute on Sexual Violence against Men and Boys.)
2017.11ARA Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
5.Secrets and Lies around Trauma.(Regional Launch of the World Suicide Report and Suicide Prevention Meeting in Japan)
2015.12国立精神・神経医療研究センター 教育研修棟ユニバーサルホール、東京都小平市
6.Restoration process and power of art(National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives Festival 2012)
7.Disaster Trauma and Restoration Stress: Through Toroidal Island(CIVITAS 1st symposium After disaster)
8.Being next to the wound(Japan Association of Qualitative Psychology)
9.Supports for women and supports for disaster site(National Shelter Network National Symposium)
10.To speak trauma/ not to speak trauma for DV and other victims: To stand next as a supporter(Toyama Women's Foundation Symposium)
11.Psychological care after disaster(Iwate Psychiatric Medicine Academic Symposium)
12.Trauma and gender: Considering `sexual domination' (Okinawa International Institute for Okinawa Studies)
13.Support for DV victims in medical settings(28th Japanese Association of Medical Science Conference)
14.How to make a `'contrivance" for bonding: dialogue, body, place in cooperative expression(Tsuda Center for Media, Culture, and Collaborative Learning International Symposium)
15.Family seen through DV: public sphere, intimate sphere, personal sphere(Family: the root of freedom, as one myth)
16.Trauma's tale: after `Toroidal Island' (Japan Association of Qualitative Psychology)
17.Sexual violence and addiction(3rd Discussion Session, DARC Women's House)
18.Place to disclose the wound/ Place not to disclose: Using Toroidal Island Model(Tokyo Pride Symposium)
19.Sexual violence and hidden power/ pressure(Japan Society of Sport and Gender, Kobe University)
20.To speak trauma/ not to speak trauma and supporter's role(Project Innovative Ethics, Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University)
21.To create/imagine diverse narratives(Tsuda Center for Media, Culture, and Collaborative Learning)
22.Battle of Okinawa and community(Japanese Society for Traumatic Stress Studies)
23.Unspoken trauma victims and supporters: Using Toroidal Island Model(Drug dependence seminar series)
24.Response to DV victims in medical front(Symposium for healthcare industry on spousal violence prevention)
25.Care for sexual violence victims and sexual abuse victims at DV homes(National Women's Shelter Network)
26.Unspoken trauma and PTSD: Victim care of sexual violence and DV(Hyogo Association of Psychiatric Clinic Symposium)
27.What is needed for sexual violence victim's psychological care(Sexual Violence Prevention Act Network Annual Conference)
28.Male victim of sexual violence and its effect(Kyoto Women's University Open Lecture)
29.Speaking about trauma: Toroidal Island Model and interdisciplinary research(Tsukuba University Inter-Faculty Education in Humanities and Social Sciences)
30.Hansen's disease and trauma(Hansen's Disease Association for the People)
31.The Art of Intervention: Critical Inquiries into Intersections of Private and Public Memory(Kingston University and Kyoto Seika University)
32.Confronting trauma: Using Toroidal Island Model(The Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture)
33.How to treat DV victims in medical setting(National Shelter Symposium)
34.How to take care of DV victims in medical front(Kuki Nursing Schoool)
35.Toroidal Island: Geopolitics of Trauma(Women in Research Group)
2008.05Cambridge (United States of America)
36.Toroidal island: sexual violence and trauma during conflicts and in post-conflict situations(Advanced Study Institute, Workshop: Peace, Conflict and Reconciliation; contributions of cultural psychiatry, Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatrry)
2008.04-2008.05McGill University
37.Why do victims of sexual violence become so traumatized? A multi-dimensional consideration(Male Survivor 2007 International Conference)
2007.10New York, (United States of America)
38.What does violence and trauma within intimate sphere reconsider the idea of 'health'
39."Why do victims of sexual violence become so traumatized? A multi-dimensional consideration"(World Congress of Traumatic Stress, Symposium “Women's victimization in Japan" Chairperson and a symposist)
2006.06Buenos Aires, Argentina
40."Post Partum Depression in Indonesia: Introduction and methodology"("Disaster Mental Health: Reports from New York" International Seminar on Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mental Illness in Asia)
2002.02Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
41."Anthropology and Psychiatry"(International Seminar on Integration of traditional Healing and Modern Psychiatry in Asia. Looking for Fruitful and Harmonious Relationship)
2000.11Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
42."The saver, the saved and the unsaved"(Bioethics 2000 "An International Exchange"(Conference supported by The Freeman Foundation, the American-Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF), the Department of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Gadjah Mada University))
2000.08Yogyakarta, Indonesia
43."Violence based on Gender and Sexuality"(NCD seminar and Workshop JSPS-LSCR(Japan Society of Science Promotion, Large Scale Collaborative Research Projects))
2000.03Jakarta, Indonesia
44."Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Assistance at Refugee Camps: A Case in Djibouti"(The Fourteenth International Symposium: Crossing Cultural Borders: Toward an Ethics of Inter-cultural Communication-Beyond Reciprocal Anthropology)
1999.11International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan
45."History and Current Situation of Maternal and Child Health in Japan"(Symposium on Optimal Mental Health of Mother and Child)
1999.11Gadjah Mada University, Jogyakarta
46."Mental Health of Women"(NCD seminar and Workshop JSPS-LSCR(Japan Society of Science Promotion, Large Scale Collaborative Research Projects))

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Scientific Research (A)2013-2017
Scientific Research (B)2009-2013
3.Interactive effects of trauma and gender in "traumatic stress disorders."
Scientific Research (B)2004-2007
4.Influence of gender on trauma related psychiatric disorders
Scientific Research (C)2001-2003

Past Joint Research and Commissioned Research

NOResearch subjectStyleYearOutline
1.Gender and trauma-related psychiatric disorders.Domestic joint research2000-2001
2.Law and society in transitionDomestic joint research1996-1999 and modern civilizationDomestic joint research1993-1996
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