Graduate School of Business Administration,Department of International Corporate Strategy
OUE Shingo

Books and Other Publications

1. Statistical Methodologies for the Market Risk Measurement (jointly worked)
大上 慎吾 (Sole author)
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets 2000.4


1. Value Co-creation on Open Innovation Platform: Agent-Based Modelling on Behavioral Patterns of Customer, Corporation, and Regulator (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Yoshinori Fujikawa, Shingo Oue, Kohei Noshiyama
Proceedings on International Conference on Service Science and Innovation 2016.6
2. 残余利益バリュエーション―月次データを用いた実証分析― (共著) (Peer-reviewed)
中野誠, 松浦良行, 大上慎吾
会計プログレス No.6,pp.17-33 2005.4
3. Statistical Methodologies for the Market Risk Measurement (Peer-reviewed)
Ryozo Miura, Shingo Oue
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Vol.7,No.4,pp.305-319 2000
4. Problems of Using Proportional Hazard Model for Default Probability Estimation
Shingo Oue
The Hitotsubashi review Vol.120,No.5,pp.701-710 1998.11
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5. A Note on Weighted Maximum Likelihood Estimators and Their Application in VaR Calculation
Shingo Oue
The Hitotsubashi review Vol.119,No.5,pp.584-591 1998.5
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6. On Asymptotics of Local Principal Component Analysis
大上 慎吾
Hitotsubashi Journal of Commerce and Management Vol.31,No.1,pp.1-11 1996.10
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7. Approximate single linkage cluster analysis of large data sets in high-dimensional spaces (jointly worked)
大上 慎吾, W, F. Eddy, A. Mockus
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis pp.29-43 1996.4
8. Visual Statistics
Shingo Oue
The Hitotsubashi review Vol.115,No.4,pp.818-825 1996.4
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9. Dynamic Three-Dimensional Display Of U.S. Air Traffic (Peer-reviewed)
William F. Eddy, Shingo Oue
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics Vol.4,No.4,pp.261-280 1995

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No. Name of subject/Conference Name Year Site
1. Emergence of Value Co-Creation: Agent-Based Modeling on Behavioral Patterns of Customer, Corporation and Regulator(Joint International Conference of Service Science and Innovation and Serviceology)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2018.11.13
Asia University

Research Projects

No. Research subject Research item(Awarding organization, System name) Year
1. 企業倒産データの分析、信用リスク計測の手法及び計測モデルに関する共同研究

( Awarding organization: 日本IBM System name: 共同研究 )
1997.4 - 1999.3
2. Consumer Behavior Analysis Based on WOM Data
3. Brand Personality