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1.Economic Activities and Japan's VAT
Journal of Japan Tax Research Institute Vol.70,pp.43-87 2017 Academic journal
ISBN 978-4-931528-29-1
2.Electronic Invoice System in Korea(jointly worked)
Vol.61,No.2,pp.125-134 2013 Academic journal
ISSN 09135278
3.Is Consumption Tax to Finance Sosial Security Expenditures?
Tax Studies Vol.28,No.2,pp.16-22 2012 Academic journal
4.Zero Rates in VAT
No.1,pp.223-226 2012 Academic journal
ISBN 978-4-641-21300-5
Robert F. van Brederode, ed, Immovable Property under VAT: A Comparative Global Analysis, Wolters Kluwer pp.163-179 2011 Academic journal
6.Tax/Social Security Reform and Information System
Vol.4,No.1,pp.21-42 2011 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
7.VAT in Japan with a Focus on International Transactions
Bulletin for International Taxation, Vol. 61, No. 9/10, pp.379-386 2007 Academic journal
8.Electronic Commerce and Taxation: An Overview
『CGSAフォーラム』 (中央大学) No.1,pp.105-115 2003 Academic journal
9.Electronic Commerce and Indirect Taxation
『経済研究』 Vol.52,No.1,pp.40-51 2001 Academic journal
10.Electronic Commerce and Tax Competition
Masaaki Kuboniwa and Satoshi Watanabe, eds., Globalization and the World Economy, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University pp.34-44 2001 Other
11.Indirect Taxes and Electronic Commerce
State Tax Notes Vol.19,No.24,pp.1575-1582 2000 Other
12.Electronic Commerce, International Tax, and Tax Administration
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics Vol.41,No.1,pp.53-64 2000 Academic journal
13.Public Enterprises under Imperfect Competition
Ph.D. Dissertation Presented to Princeton University 1985 Academic journal


1.Digitalization of the Economy & the International Tax System
Japan Spotlight No.228,pp.27-30 2019 Other
2.The Japanese Tax Reform: Directions for Reform
Japan Spotlight Sep/Oct 2018 Issue pp.40-43 2018 Other
3.Fairness of the Tax Burden in the Age of Glibalization: the Panama Papers
Japan Spotlight, November/December 2016 issue pp.34-37 2016 Other
4.Natinal Disasters and Taxation in Japan
PRI Discussion Paper Series Vol.13A,No.4 2015 Other
5.The Social Secuity System in a Post-Welfare State
Japan Spotlight Vol.33,No.1,pp.12-15 2014 Other
6.Medical Industry in a Super-aging Society
Japan Spotlight Vol.32,No.5,pp.43-46 2013 Other
7.Japan's Tax Treaties: Present Situation and Significance
Japan Spotlight Vol.27,No.4,pp.41-43 2008 Other
8.The Final Report of the Joint Research Program on the Vietnamese Tax System(jointly worked)
Tax Policy Department, Ministry of Finance, Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance 2006 Other

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1."Indirect Taxation of Public Bodies"(62nd Congress of the International Fiscal Association)
2008.09Brussels, Belgium.
2.Fundamental Reforms?: VAT/GST under Digital Economy(Digital Economy Symposium)
3.VAT/GST Systems in the Global Economy(CFRED's Tax Law Seminar)
2017.02The Chinese University of Hong Kong
4.International Transactions and VAT(Sydney-Tokyo Tax Conference)

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Scientific Research (C)2016-2018
Scientific Research (B)2015-2017
Scientific Research (C)2013-2015
Scientific Research (B)2012-2014
Scientific Research (C)2010-2012
Scientific Research (A)2008-2010
Scientific Research (A)2005-2007
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