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1.National Project Management : The Sunshine Project and the Rise of the Japanese Solar Industry
Springer 2020
ISBN 978-9811531798Link
2.Natinal Project Management: The Development of Photovoltaic Power Generation System under the Sunshine Project
Yuhikaku Publishing 2014
ISBN 978-4641164406
3.Renewal of Idemitsu Kosan(jointly worked)
4.Green Innovation(co-authored and co-edited)
Chuo Keizai 2017
ISBN 4502207012
5.The Future of Management Education: Volume 2(Allotment Writing)
Higher Educaton in Management: The case of Japan Springer pp.155-170 2017
6.Comparative Responses to Globalization: Experiences of British and Japanese Enterprises(Allotment Writing)
Globalization and Family Business: The Renewal of Idemitsu Kosan Palgrave Macmillan pp.121-140 2012


1.Boundary Objects as a Learning Mechanism for Sustainable Development Goals—A Case Study of a Japanese Company in the Chemical Industry(jointly worked)
Sustainability Vol.11,No.6680,pp.1-26 2019 Academic journal
2.Evolutionary Contributions by Investigating Exceptional Cases
Organizational Science Vol.52,No.4,pp.45-51 2019 Academic journal
ISSN 0286-9713doiCiNiiLink
3.RUKSUL: A Vision of Japanese Startup Ecosystem(jointly worked)
Hitotsubashi Business Review Vol.66,No.4,pp.20-33 2019 Academic journal
4.Business Histiory from the Perspective of Flows : Alfred Chandler's Method for Theory Building
Organizational Science Vol.49,No.2,pp.40-52 2015 Academic journal
ISSN 0286-9713doiCiNiiLink
5.Intra-organizational network and organizational deadweight(jointly worked)
Vol.68,No.4,pp.61-74 2007 Academic journal
6.Oranizational Design of the YS-11 Project
Vol.121,No.5,pp.685-701 1999 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
ISSN 0018-2818HERMES-IRCiNii


1.National Project Management: The Sunshine Project and the Rise of the Japanese Solar Industry
Springer pp.1-360 2020
ISBN 978-9811531798

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.The Connectedness of Institutions and Human factors in firm’s Sustainability Innovation -the Story of Olyset Net at Sumitomo Chemical Company(European Business History Association Annual Congress 2019)
2.On the company trusted by the society(Chubu academia)
2018.10Mid Land Hall
3.AAOS Session(Academic Association for Organizational Science)
4.Industrial Policy for Renewable Energy: Japanese national R&D project after the 1970s (EBHA )
2017.08Austria, Wien
5.Idemitsu Kosan‘s R&D for OLED Materials(韓国経営史学会)
6.From Closed to Open Innovation(20th Annual Congress of the European Business History Association 2016)
2016.08Bergen University
7.The Sunshine Project and The PV Industry(韓国経営史学会)
8.Diversification toward Pharmaceutical Industry by Japanese Large General Chemical Firms(EBHA, 16th Annual Conference)
2012.08-2012.09l'Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales, Paris, France
9.Family Business and IPOs: The Case of Idemitsu Kosan(Workshop on British and Japanese Enterprise: Technology, Knowledge, Culture, and the Challenges of Globalisation)
2011.08Cardiff University
10.R&D Strategy and Knowledge Creation in Japanese Chemical Firms, 1980-2010: Entry and Withdrawal in High-Tech Chemical Markets(BHC2011)
2011.03St. Louis, USA
11.Family Business and IPOs(IFSAM2010)
2010.07Paris, France
12.Idemitsu Kosan’s Innovation(International Conference on Business History (Fuji Conference))
2010.01Hitotsubashi University
13.Business Unit-Strategy and Organizational Structure of Japanese Firms(The International Conference of the Hitotsubashi COE Program on "Knowledge, Innovation and the Japanese Corporate System")
2005.03Gakujutsu Sogo Center (National Center of Sciences)Tokyo, Japan
14.Diversification Competition among Different Industries: Biotechnology and the Japanese Innovation System (1980-2000) (Mitsubishi Bank Foundation International Conference)
2004.08Toray Human Resources Development Center, Shizuoka, Japan

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Scientific Research (C)2014-2018
Scientific Research (A)2011-2014
Scientific Research (C)2010-2013
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