Graduate School of Social Sciences
SUZUKI Naofumi

Books and Other Publications

1. 12の問いから始める オリンピック・パラリンピック研究
坂上康博他 (Joint author)
かもがわ出版 2019.1
2. Routledge Handbook of Sport for Development and Peace
Holly Collison, Simon C. Darnell, Richard Giulianotti, P. David Howe他 (Joint author)
Routledge 2018.10 (ISBN : 9781315455174)
3. 社会(スポーツ)を遊ぶガイドブック〜サッカーがつくる居心地の良い社会 (編著)
鈴木直文, 逢坂仁葵, 栗栖由喜, 千葉佳奈子, 大森亮平 (Edit)
特定非営利活動法人ビッグイシュー基金 2018.3
4. 反東京オリンピック宣言
小笠原博毅他 (Edit)
航思社 2016.8 (ISBN : 9784906738205)
5. 承認 社会哲学と社会政策の対話
田中拓道他 (Edit)
法政大学出版局 2016.3 (ISBN : 9784588625299)
6. Sport and International Cooperation (co-authored and co-edited)
Kazuhiko Saito, Chiaki Okada, Naofumi Suzuki (Joint editor)
Taishukan Shoten 2015.3
7. Sport, Social Development and Peace (Research in the Sociology of Sport, Volume 8)
Kevin Young, Chiaki Okada (Joint author)
Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2014.1 (ISBN : 9781783508853)
8. Governance of Natural Resources: Uncovering the Social Purpose of Materials in Nature
Jin Sato (Joint author)
United Nations University Press 2013.8
9. Social Capital and Development Trends in Rural Areas, Volume 7
Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Hans Westlund, Hayeong Jeong (Joint author)
MARG 2012.1
10. スポーツ白書~スポーツが目指すべき未来~
笹川スポーツ財団編 (Joint author)
笹川スポーツ財団 2011.2
11. Innovations in Collaborative Urban Regeneration
Masahide Horita, Hideki Koizumi (Joint author)
Springer 2009.1
12. Community Cohesion in Crisis?: New Dimensions of Diversity and Difference (jointly worked)
John Flint, David Robinson (Joint author)
Policy Press 2008.7 (ISBN : 9781847420244)

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1. 開催費用をコロナ対策へ オリンピックに経済効果なし
鈴木 直文
週刊金曜日 No.1318,pp.16-17 2021.3
2. What would Tokyo be left with after the Olympic and Paralympic Games?
Naofumi Suzuki
Social Policy Vol.12,No.3,pp.11-21 2021.3
3. Diversity Soccer's approach to creating inclusive sporting environment: a microcosm of inclusive society
Naofumi Suzuki
Monthly Social Education Vol.64,No.12,pp.19-24 2020.12
4. What would Tokyo be left with after the Olympic and Paralympic Games?
Naofumi Suzuki
JASPS Bulletin Vol.6,pp.4-16 2020.10
5. 「当たり前」化する政治ー祝賀資本主義と東京オリンピック
坂上康博, 鈴木直文
世界 No.2019年1月,pp.113-123 2018.12
6. Non-governmental organizations in the SDP system
Naofumi Suzuki
Routledge Handbook of Sport for Development and Peace pp.70-79 2018.10
7. The Right to Adequate Housing: Evictions of the Homeless and the Elderly Caused by the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Naofumi Suzuki
Leisure Studies Vol.37,No.1,pp.89-96 2017.7
8. A Capability Approach to Understanding Sport for Social Inclusion: Agency, Structure and Organisations (Peer-reviewed)
Naofumi Suzuki
Social Inclusion Vol.5,No.2,pp.150-158 2017.6
9. オリンピックが連れてくる『祝賀資本主義』にどう備えるか
鈴木 直文
kotoba Vol.28,pp.120-123 2017.6
10. Reinterpreting Olympic legacies: the emergent process of long-term post-event strategic planning of Hakuba after the 1998 Nagano Winter Games (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Hidemasa Nakamura, Naofumi Suzuki
International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics 2017.2
11. 被災地復興における「楽しみの場」の必要性に関する考察
小林 竜也, 鈴木 直文
一橋スポーツ研究 No.35,pp.31-42 2016.12
12. 祝賀資本主義と惨事便乗型資本主義 五輪で都市は儲からない
鈴木 直文
建築ジャーナル No.1259,pp.20-23 2016.11
13. オリンピックと都市開発
鈴木 直文
建設労働のひろば No.100,pp.29-32 2016.10
14. オリンピック・パラリンピックは東京に何をもたらすか
鈴木 直文
月刊 東京 No.377,pp.36-40 2016.8
15. 東京2020と都市開発ーなぜ約束は果たされないのか?
鈴木 直文
月刊 東京 No.370,pp.2-11 2015.12
16. 図書紹介:Jules Boykoff著『Celebration Capitalism and the Olympic Games』
鈴木 直文
一橋大学スポーツ研究 Vol.34,No.34,pp.60-70 2015.12
doi Link Link
17. スポーツによる社会変革のためのNGO/NPOの実効性(特集 スポーツによる地域開発)
鈴木 直文
体育の科学 Vol.65,pp.108-112 2015.2
18. Exploring the Localization Process of an International "Sport-in-Development" NGO: A Case Study of Lick4Life in the Kingdom of Lesotho
Naofumi SUZUKI
一橋大学スポーツ研究 Vol.33,No.33,pp.3-15 2014.12
doi Link
19. アフリカにおけるサッカーを通じた開発(特集 スポーツを通した国際貢献のいま)
鈴木 直文
現代スポーツ評論 Vol.31,No.31,pp.52-65 2014.11
20. FIFA World Cup 2010 and Its Legacy on “Sport and Development” Practices in South African Cities
Naofumi SUZUKI
SUR: Sustainable Urban Regeneration Vol.31,pp.102-107 2013.3
21. Tokyo and the Social Aftershocks of March 11:Our Experiences of the Earthquake and its Aftermath
Naofumi SUZUKI
DISASTER, INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOCIETY: Learning from the 2011 Earthquake in Japan = 災害・基盤・社会――東日本大震災から考える No.4,pp.30-36 2013.3
22. Reconsidering 'Sport and Community'
Naofumi SUZUKI
一橋大学スポーツ研究 Vol.31,pp.3-18 2012.10
doi Link
23. Introduction: Toward an Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Post-Earthquake Reconstruction
Naofumi SUZUKI
DISASTER, INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOCIETY: Learning from the 2011 Earthquake in Japan = 災害・基盤・社会――東日本大震災から考える No.2,pp.6-13 2012.6
24. A Survey of Social Support Networks in a Depopulating Japanese Village (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Yukari YAGI, Kohei NAGAI, Naofumi SUZUKI, Petr MATOUS
Journal of Society for Social Management Systems Vol.SMS12,No.4216 2012.1
25. Measuring the Process of Rural Regeneration: A Social Network Approach to Understanding Community Dynamics (Peer-reviewed)
Naofumi SUZUKI
Social Capital and Development Trends in Rural Areas Vol.7,pp.57-67 2012.1
26. The Recent Trend in Sport-for-Development and Its Potential Risks
Naofumi SUZUKI
Hitotsubashi annual of sport studies Vol.30,pp.15-23 2011.10
doi Link
27. The Relevance of Symbolic Physical Environment to the Formation of Social Networks for Rural Regeneration (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Naofumi Suzuki, Petr Matous
Journal of Society for Social Management Systems Vol.SMS10,No.142 2010.1
28. A Study On The Living Space Of The Residents In A Remote Mountainous Village: A Case Of Choja Village In Niyodogawa-Cho, Kochi, Japan. (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Journal of Society for Social Management Systems Vol.SMS10,No.141 2010.1
29. セグリゲーションとソーシャルミックス
Naofumi Suzuki
SUR: Sustainable Urban Regeneration Vol.3,pp.26-27 2010.1
30. Exploring the Role of Leaders in Constructing Effective Environmental Management Systems in the Private Sector (jointly worked) (Peer-reviewed)
Reina Doi, Naofumi Suzuki, Kazumasa Ozawa
Journal of Society for Social Management Systems Vol.SMS09,No.181 2009.1
31. 英国グラスゴーの都市貧困地域における社会的包摂プログラムに関する研究 (Peer-reviewed)
建設マネジメント研究論文集 Vol.15,pp.61-70 2008.1
32. Implications of Sen's Capability Approach for Research into Sport, Social Exclusion and Young People: a Methodological Consideration on Evaluation of Sport-Related Programmes Targeted at Young People in Deprived Urban Neighbourhoods (Peer-reviewed)
Naofumi Suzuki
LSA Publication Vol.88,pp.3-21 2005.1

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No. Name of subject/Conference Name Year Site
1. スポーツを核とした社会的包摂プログラムのデザインと実践:「遊び心」と「自分らしさ」の居場所づくり(日本スポーツ社会学会第28回大会)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2019.3.9
2. Playfulness means inclusiveness: A case of Diversity Cup in Japan(THE NORTH AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR THE SOCIOLOGY OF SPORT 39th Annual Conference)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2018.10.31
3. シンポジウム I 「スポーツマネジメント概念の拡張:スポーツで達成する持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)」(日本スポーツマネジメント学会第10回大会)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2018.3.4
4. Theorizing Sport for Social Inclusion(2017 Global Sport Science Conference)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2017.7.13
5. オリンピックが開催都市にもたらすもの―『祝賀資本主義』を中心に(日本スポーツ社会学会第25回大会)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2016.3.20
6. Sporting Mega-Events and International Development through Sport(The 1st Symposium of NIFS International Sport Academy)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2015.3.7
7. Kick4Life as a Case of the “New Breed” of Sport-in-Development Organization(2nd International Symposium on International Development through Sport)
Holding date :
Presentation date : 2014.12.13
Shinagawa Prince Hotel Main Tower

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Research Projects

No. Research subject Research item(Awarding organization, System name) Year
1. 社会ネットワーク分析を用いた地域づくり活動の拡大過程とその影響の測定・評価
( Awarding organization: 日本学術振興会 System name: 科学研究費助成事業 )
2011.4 - 2013.3
2. A Study on International NGOs' Practical Knowledge of Social Development through Sport
Young Scientists (B)
( Awarding organization: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science System name: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research )
2008.4 - 2010.3