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1.Japanese firms in emerging markets(Allotment Writing)
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2.Development of Emerging Economies and Megacities(Allotment Writing)
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6.Branding in China(Allotment Writing)
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6.Dysfunction from Focusing on Overseas Business(jointly worked)
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7.Managing foreign subsidiaries in emerging countries: Are they different from Western subsidiaries?(jointly worked)
Proceedings of the 17th Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress pp.240 2014 International conference proceedings
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8.Do foreign creative industry products contribute to the promotion of products imported from the same country? Case of Japanese and Korean products in emerging economies(jointly worked)
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14.Are STP and MM Profitable? A Long-hidden Evidence of Marketing Planning and Performance(jointly worked)
Book of Abstracts 19th Recent Advances in Retailing & Services Science Conference pp.222 2012 International conference proceedings
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15.Dilemma of Responsiveness: How can we bring strategy planning back into the market-oriented organization(jointly worked)
Proceedings of the 2012 Global Marketing Conference 2012 International conference proceedings
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16.Marketing planning and sales autonomy as a combination remedy for marketing myopathy(jointly worked)
Marketing Dynamism & Sustainability: Things Change, Things Stay the Same; Proceedings of the 2012 Academy of Marketing Sciencs Annual Conference pp.129 2012 International conference proceedings
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17.Problems on localized advertising: a note on advertising quality
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18.Brand image is passively formed: experimental study of the effect of perceived evaluation of others
Vol.5,No.2,pp.25-37 2010 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
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19.Vertical Strategic Information Flow and Market Orientation(jointly worked)
the 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2010 International conference proceedings
20.Functions and Dysfunctions of Lateral and Diagonal Networks in Advancing Market Orientation: A Preliminary Step toward Bridging the Gap between Market Orientation Research and Intra-organizational Network Research(jointly worked)
the 2010 European Group for Organizational Studies 2010 International conference proceedings
21.Consumption experience of consumers and product localization: cases of Japanese food companies in China
No.2,pp.29-38 2010 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
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22.International Market Segmentation using Brand Evaluation Data
Vol.32,No.3,pp.1-14 2007 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
23.A note on formation process of brand preference: using Asian automobile brand data(jointly worked)
Vol.14,No.2,pp.55-72 2006 Academic journal
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24.Learning pattern of brand knowledge in Asia(jointly worked)
Vol.1,No.2,pp.9-24 2006 Bulletin of university, institute, etc.
ISBN 4-561-57066-7CiNii

Oral Presentation

NOName of subject/Conference NameYearSite
1.Vaccination and Tourist Xenophobia(Japan Institute of Marketing Science 109th Conference)
2.Foreign Food Consumption as an Extraordinary Experience: A Comparative Study on the Perceived Value of Japanese and Thai Consumers(International Tourism Conference Dubrovnik)
2019.11Dubrovnik, Croatia
3.Foreign Food Consumption as an Extraordinary Experience(Japan Institute of Marketing Science)
2019.06Fukuoka University
4.Polymorphic Marketing(Japan Marketing Academy Joint Conference of Research Projects)
2019.03Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo
5.Issues on foreign subsidiaries of Japanese firms: An exploratory research in Thailand (Marketing Conference 2018)
6.Metrics-driven Climate and Metrics-based Marketing Control Process(Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Annual Meeting 2018)
2018.03Ponte Vedra, FL, US
7.Marketing and Financial Metrics in Sales Management(17th International Marketing Trends Conference)
2018.01Paris, France
8.Dysfunction from Focusing on Overseas Business(5th Annual International Conference on Enterprise Marketing and Globalization)
9.Developing Hospitality Employees: A Case Study of Hoshino Resort in Japan(The 2016 Annual Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference)
2016.01Bangkok, Thailand
10.The Loss of BGrand Image Plasticity and the Maturity of the Market(The Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation International Conference)
2008.08Toray Human Resources Development Center

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Young Scientists (B)2015-
Scientific Research (C)2019-2021
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