Graduate School of Business Administration,Department of Business Administration
Saiki Yoshitaka
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1.Dynamical system analysis of a data-driven model constructed by reservoir computing(jointly worked)
Physical Review E Vol.XX,No.XX,pp.XX 2022 Academic journal
2.Piecewise-linear maps with heterogeneous chaos(jointly worked)
Nonlinearity Vol.34,No.8,pp.5744- 2021 Academic journal
3.Machine-learning construction of a model for a macroscopic fluid variable using the delay-coordinate of a scalar observable(jointly worked)
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical System S Vol.14,No.3,pp.1079-1092 2021 Academic journal
4.Solving the Babylonian Problem of quasiperiodic rotation rates(jointly worked)
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series S Vol.12,No.8,pp.2279-2305 2019 Academic journal
5.Quasiperiodic orbits in Siegel disks/balls and the Babylonian problem(jointly worked)
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics Vol.23,No.6 2018 Academic journal
6.Low-dimensional paradigms for high-dimensional hetero-chaos(jointly worked)
Chaos Vol.28,pp.103110- 2018 Academic journal
7.Machine-learning inference of fluid variables from data using reservoir computing(jointly worked)
Physical Review E Vol.98,pp.023111- 2018 Academic journal
8.Intermittent transition between synchronization and desynchronization in multi-regional business cycles(jointly worked)
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics Vol.44,pp.68-76 2018 Academic journal
9.Empirical evaluated SDE modelling for dimensionality reduction systems and its predictability estimates(jointly worked)
Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Vol.35,No.2,pp.553-589 2018 Academic journal
10.Quantitative quasiperiodicity(jointly worked)
Nonlinearity Vol.30,No.11,pp.4111-4140 2017 Academic journal
11.Network analyses of chaotic systems through unstable periodic orbits(jointly worked)
Chaos Vol.27,No.8,pp.081103:1-6 2017 Academic journal
12.Generalized Lorenz Equations on a Three-Sphere(jointly worked)
Eurpean Physical Journal Special Topics Vol.226,pp.1751- 2017 Academic journal
13.Measuring quasiperiodicity(jointly worked)
Europhysics Letters Vol.114,pp.40005- 2016 Academic journal
14.Quasiperiodicity: Rotation Numbers(jointly worked)
The Foundations of Chaos Revisited: From Poincare to Recent Advancements pp.103-117 2016 Academic journal
15.Chaotic Itinerancy in Regional Business Cycle Synchronization(jointly worked)
立正大学経済学会ディスカッション・ペーパー No.1 2015 Academic journal
16.Reconstruction of chaotic saddles by classification of unstable periodic orbits: Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation(jointly worked)
Chaos Vol.25,pp.103123- 2015 Academic journal
17.Chaotic Itinerancy in Regional Business Cycle Synchronization(jointly worked)
Discussion Paper, Institute of Economic Research, Chuo University No.237 2014 Other
18.Manifold structures of Unstable Periodic Orbits and the Appearance of a Periodic Window in Chaotic Systems(jointly worked)
Physical Review E Vol.89,pp.022904- 2014 Academic journal
19. Time Averaged Properties Along Unstable Periodic Orbits of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
Nankai Series in Pure, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Vol.10,pp.145-154 2013 International conference proceedings
20.Economic intermittency in a two-country model of business cycles coupled by investment
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Vol.44,pp.418-428 2011 Academic journal

Scientific Research Funds Results

NOResearch subjectResearch itemYear
Scientific Research (C)2017-2019
2.Construction of a synchronization theory based on hetero-dimensional cycle: Toward an understanding of complex phenomena
JST(Japan Science and Technology Agency) PRESTO2016-2019
Young Scientists (B)2011-2013
challenging Exploratory Research2014-2016
JSPS Fellows2007-2009
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