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NONamePositionAffiliationResearch Field
1.AKAHOSHI TakashiAssistant ProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic theory
2.ENOMOTO TakefumiAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Economics
3.HASHINUMA KatsumiProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEuropean literature
4.HONDA ToshioProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsFoundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics, Statistical science
5.II MasakoProfessorGraduate School of Economics
School of International and Public Policy
Economic policy
6.IMAMURA KazuhiroAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsJapanese language education
7.ISHIKAWA JotaProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic policy
8.ISHIKURA MasaoProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic theory
9.ISOBE TakeshiProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsMathematical analysis
10.KANO TakashiProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic theory
11.KI HarukaAssistant ProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEducation, Clinical psychology
12.KUROZUMI EijiProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic statistics
13.KUWANA YoichiAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic statistics
14.MANO YukichiAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic policy
15.MINAMI YukoAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of Economics
Student Support Center
Sociology, Area studies
16.MORI HiroakiAssistant ProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic policy
17.MORI TakahitoAssociate ProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsEconomic history
18.NAKAYAMA ChikaraProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsAlgebra
19.NEMOTO YoichiProfessorGraduate School of Economics
School of International and Public Policy
20.NISHIDE KatsumasaProfessorGraduate School of EconomicsMoney/ Finance
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